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Our KDP initiation ceremony to new members will be held in the Virginia Wesleyan beautiful on campus chapel year.  We have almost 20 eligible candidates this year! Date to be in April between 17-25

Also, there will a new speaker(s) between April 28- May 6, alumni KDP members to share their student teaching experiences with our members as well as 1 or 2 first years of teaching. This will be great for newer and the newest members.

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Chapter 668

On November 14, 2013, from 4 to 9pm, your fellow member Aimee Clark has helped arrange a KDP fundraiser at Restaurante Olé, located at 5191 Shore Drive, just across from the Amphib Base and about 10 minutes from campus.  The best part: We get 15% of the food AND beverage sales!  Tell your friends, classmates, and family.  As long as diners mention that they are there for the VWC KDP fundraiser, we get credit. 

The food is Mexican with a Spanish touch, and it is really incredibly good!  I've eaten there twice in the last two weeks, and everything has been great, including the service--just really friendly, and they are family-friendly, as well.  My 9-year old loved the place.





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