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2009 Chapter recognized Mrs. Stacey Wollerton, Director of Field Experiences, as an Honorary member.

Class 2013 Class 2012 Class 2011 Class 2010 Class 2009

Dawn Brown, President
Kyle Chowhan
Jessica Colt
Miranda Conaway
Amanda Crow
Kelsey Curtis
Kacie Figg
Cassandra Fontaine
Elizabeth Frink
Rachael Gorsuch
Allison Jaimes
Kristen Lepore
Jamie Mann
Elizabeth Maul
Felecia Moore
Allison Reeves
Lauren Robins
Emily Schuller
Kellie Sheehan
Mary Smith
Tracey Wilson



Mary Kathleen Atkinson
Elizabeth Ann Boyce
Dawn Brown
Danielle Carawan
Tammy Clinton
Jennifer Couch
Tiana Crute
John Cunningham Kelsey Curtis
Lauren Gaca
Edward Griggs
Michael Haverly
Hilary Hoffman
Allison Mahoney
Morgan Miller
Felecia Moore
Rebekah Nowinski
Emily Phillips
Kristen Potter
Lauren Robins
Emily Schuller
Beth Ann Atkins
Michelle Bradford
Dana Burrows
Catherine Harris
Kelly Tisdale

Brianna Bertovich
Oliva Casero
Jordan Mullen
Kimberly Yelton
Kelsey Kidd
Kaitlin Harris
Kristen McGrath
Suzann Moebes
Melissa Snyder





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