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Alison Marganski

Alison Marganski

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Office Location: Batten Athletic Suite 3
Phone: 757-455-8842
Department/s: Criminal Justice
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Dr. Marganski received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Criminology from Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. While completing her degrees, she served as a consultant for the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing under the Department of Justice, engaged in research to assess violence victimization experiences among prisoners re-entering the greater Newark community, worked at a law firm, and volunteered at a local area women’s shelter. Her dissertation, titled Adult Attachment as a Mediator/Moderator to Early Experiences of Family Violence Victimization on Adult Physically Violent Behavior, was successfully defended in April of 2010.


Since arriving to VWC, Dr. Marganski has written on various criminological and sociological topics. She currently has several research projects in the works including one on the co-occurence of intimate partner cyber aggression and in-person experiences of physical, sexual, and psychological violence. In 2012, Dr. Marganski was selected for the Mednick Memorial Fellowship Award and traveled to Poland as part of her cross-cultural research study relating to socially interactive technology and contemporary dating among young adults. Here, she explored various behaviors including "deviant" intimate interactions (e.g. hooking up, sexting, cyber aggression) and how they differ among groups. Dr. Marganski works closely with various organizations that address violence-related issues and is an advocate for healthy, supportive relationships. She currently serves as a board member at large for the Association for Applied & Clinical Sociology. She also serves as a reviewer for numerous scholarly journals in the field and regularly presents at international and national conferences. She has guided students through independent research and welcomes research collaborations from those who are interested in victimology and/or violence.


Dr. Marganski is passionate about student learning and is known for using applied, engaging teaching strategies including sociology/criminology activism. She has taught a variety of courses including but not limited to: Social Research; Criminology; Victimology; Forensic Victimology; Gender & Violence; Family; Family Violence: Causes, Consequences and Responses; Extreme Murder: Serial Killers, Spree Killers and Mass Murderers; and Media, Crime and Criminal Justice Policy. She has promoted student engagement through numerous special events and has hosted various speakers on campus to raise awareness on important social/justice issues. 


Intimate Partner Violence
Social Research


CJ301*01 Criminology

CJ250*01 Tpc: Extreme Murder

CJ385*01 Applied Criminal Profiling

CJ250*03 HNRS: Tpc: Extreme Murder

CJ301*03 HNRS: Criminology

SOC480*01 TU: Senior Research Project

CJ492*01 IR: Link Between Diet & Viole

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