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Maury Howard

Maury Howard

Batten Associate Professor of Chemistry

Office Location: Blocker 217
Phone: 757-233-8804
Department/s: Chemistry

analytical chemistry


CHEM480*01 Instrumental Meth of Analysis

CHEM489*02 Research in Natural Sciences

CHEM345*01 Forensic Science Methods

CHEM305*02 Teaching Experience

CHEM345*02 HNRS:Forensic Science Methods


CHEM489*02 Research in Natural Sciences


CHEM120*05 Introductory Chemistry

CHEM489*02 Research in Natural Sciences

CHEM120*01 Introductory Chemistry

CHEM120*02 Introductory Chemistry

CHEM120*04 Introductory Chemistry

CHEM210*01 Analytical Chemistry


CHEM310*01 Metrology: Measurement Sci

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