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Takeyra Collins

Takeyra M. Collins

Visiting Instructor of Recreation and Leisure Studies


B.A., Virginia Wesleyan College
M.Ed., Old Dominion University

Office Location: Batten 207
Phone: 757-455-3304
Department/s: Recreation and Leisure Studies

Collins, T., Gomez, E., Hill, E. L., Milliken, T., Goff, J., and Gregory, N. (2013).  The Resiliency and Attitudes Skills Profile:  An Assessment of Factor Structure. Illuminare:  A Student Journal in Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Studies, 11 (1), (pp.16-30).

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REC101*01 Intro to Rec & Leisure Servcs

REC212*01 Intro to Recreational Therapy

REC305*06 TA: Intro to Rec & Leisure S

REC305*08 TA: Intro to Rectnl Therapy

REC310*01 Disabilities & Rec Therapy


REC409*01 Sr Intrnshp Rec & Leisure Stu


REC101*01 Intro to Rec & Leisure Servcs

REC305*06 TA:Intro to Rec & Leisure Srv

REC311*01 Recreational Therapy Process

FYE101*03 First Year Experience

FYE401*03 Peer Advising


INST124*01 Srvc Lrning & Iss Civic Engag

PORT124*01 Srvc Lrning & Iss Civic Engag