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Dr. Maynard H. Schaus

Dr. Maynard H. Schaus

Professor of Biology
Chair, Division of Natural Science and Mathematics

Blocker 101


Maynard Schaus received his B.S. in Biology from California Lutheran University and his Ph.D. in Zoology from Miami University (Ohio). Dr. Schaus's research on the role of fish in lake nutrient cycles has been published in several peer reviewed journals. Since 2004, he has taken 11 students to Florida to study the effects of a large scale fish removal on the nutrient cycles of Lake Apopka. He has been involved with the campus green roof project, to examine the effects of green roofs on the nutrient content of runoff water. He has also worked with students on applied ecology projects examining use of nest boxes by wood ducks and the use of highway undercrossings by mammals. He has received funding from the St. Johns River Water Management District, and in collaboration with other Virginia Wesleyan faculty members has received funding from EPA and NSF.

Vanni, M.J., W.H. Renwick, J.L. Headworth, J.D. Auch, and M.H. Schaus. 2001. Dissolved and particulate nutrient flux from three adjacent agricultural watersheds: A five year study. Biogeochemistry 54:85-114. Schaus, M. H., M. J. Vanni, and T. E. Wissing. 2002. Biomass-dependent diet shifts in omnivorous gizzard shad: Implications for growth, food web, and ecosystem effects. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 131:40-54.

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