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Linda Ferguson

Linda A. Ferguson

Professor of Management, Business, and Economics


B.S., M.Ed., Shippensburg University
Ed.D., The College of William and Mary

Office Location: Batten 231
Phone: 757-455-3368
- Communication
- Management, Business and Economics

A Spirited Look at Persuasion

Dr. Linda Ferguson examines the cultural infusion of the Absolut brand, analyzes influential advertising techniques in VWC course

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MBE316*01 Marketing Principles

MBE348*01 Social Marketing Management

MBE492*90 GS:Cllge Bkstore - Case Study

MBE316*02 TU: Marketing Principles


COMM326*01 Persuasion and the Media

MBE316*01 Marketing Principles

MBE316*02 Marketing Principles

COMM326*02 HNRS:Persuasion and the Media


COMM222*01 Public Speaking