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Sound & Symbol: Theology and the Arts

The 2013-14 series explores this passage from the writings of the Hebrew prophet Micah – “With what shall I come before the Lord? Shall I come with burnt offerings, with calves?  Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of rams, ten thousand rivers of olive oil?  Shall I offer my firstborn?” 

We’ll examine how the passage, and the answer which follows in the scriptures, has been obeyed - or overlooked - through music, religion, and daily life.

September 26, 2013  (11:00am, Fine Arts 9)

Dr. Travis MaloneDr. Craig Wansink

Dr. Craig Wansink, Professor of Religious Studies -
“When Christian Worship First Moved Beyond Jewish Prayer”   

Dr. Travis Malone, Associate Professor of Theatre
“Entertainment as Education:  Medieval Morality Plays”   

November 7, 2013(11:00am, Fine Arts 9)

Dr. Joyce Bernstein Howell

Dr. Joyce Bernstein Howell, Professor of Art History -
“Patronage to Enlightenment: Art with a Purpose”

Dr. Terry Lindvall

Dr. Terry Lindvall, C. S. Lewis Endowed Chair in Communication and Christian Thought –
“A Charge to Keep, A Call to Glorify:  The Wesley Brothers”

February 25, 2014  (11:00am)

Dr. Dan MargoliesDr. Eric Mazur

Dr. Eric Mazur, Gloria and David Furman Professor of Judaic Studies  -
Blind Indeed is He Who Sees Not the Hand of God in Events So Vast:  America Takes God Abroad, 1898-1960”                                                                         

 Dr. Dan Margolies, Professor of History
Big Brother-Big Oil:  America Takes Command”

March 11, 2014  (11:00am)

Dr. Steven EmmanuelMr. John Rudel

Dr. Steven Emmanuel, Professor of Philosophy
On Silence and the Spiritual Life”

 Mr. John Rudel, Associate Professor of Art  -
Notions of “Sacred” in Space & Imagery Design”

April 3,  2014  (11:00am)

Rev. Mary Ann McCarthy Schoettly

Rev. Mary Ann McCarthy Schoettly-
“I Come With Empty Hands: The Life of a Roman Catholic Woman Priest”           

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