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Course-Related Forms

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Please note that, for SACS compliance, courses in the General Studies curriculum (ENG 105, W, FL, A, H, L, Q, S, T, V, SIE) must "not narrowly focus on those skills, techniques, and procedures specific to a particular occupation or profession." (SACS 2.7.3)

Please note that courses carrying an A, H, S, T or V designation may require only ENG 105 and/or FYE 101 as course prerequisites.

Changes to Majors or Minors

There is not a specific form for changes to majors or minors. The proposal should be in narrative form. If changes to a major or minor necessitate a change in the table for the catalog, a side by side comparison of current and proposed tables should be included.
Following departmental/program approval, proposals should be forwarded to the division chair and administrative assistant for approval at the divisional level. After divisional approval, the division chair will forward the proposed changes to EPC for approval.

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