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Draft 5-year Plan for VWC Assessment

The 5-year Assessment Plan Subcommittee of the AED is currently developing a 5-year plan for learning program assessment at VWC. The latest version of this draft will be posted in this link and updated until it has final approval by the AEC and Academic Vice President.

 Proposal for Five-Year Plan for Learning Assessment, September 19, 2013 Draft

The first meeting of the 5-Year Assessment Plan Subcommittee generated a solution to a long standing problem in higher education assessment. It is documented at the link below.

 Using Learning Outcomes Networks to Study High Impact Practices

Program Analyses

VWC Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Effects of 2010-11 Enhancements on Retention

Evaluation Rubrics for VWC Student Learning Assessment Reports

Impact Measures using LONs and PIPs

The Academic Praxome

Developmental Interviews for Rubrics in Design, Text, and STEM Fields

Developmental Interview Tool

Developmental Interview Rubrics

How to Make Local Culture Discoveries by Mining Documents

The Intricate Unfolding of Assessment Systems

Effectiveness and Accreditation 2013SP

Template for 2013 Student Learning Assessment Reports

Institution-Wide or Program Rubrics

Writing Rubrics Abstracts for 2013-14

Comparison of RLS AAC&U Oral Communication Rubrics with Adaptation of 5 Writing and 1 Business Developmental Dimensions from VWC

Academics-Athletics Integration Survey

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