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Notes 12/2/14

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January 2015 meeting: 11:00 AM, Tuesday, January 6, Batten Conference Room in Godwin

 Decide what we are already doing
 Discuss how to move from concept to action

Conceptual Areas

1. Student needs and achievements
 Develop an institutional plan for academic technology that provides students 
 with skills needed to succeed at VWC and in life and career, and 
 supports faculty in developing in¬novative approaches to teaching and learning.
a. What should all of our students be able to do?
i. Office
ii. Portfolio development
iii. Web design
iv. Use social media (conduct network analyses)
v. Learn how to learn and apply new technologies
b. Campus collaboration and support resources for technology use
c. Policy for updating and maintaining compatibility
d. Training faculty and students (atomic learning)
e. Adapting to and planning for emerging and future technologies
2. Instructional Technology
a. Experiential Learning
i. Study away
ii. Internships
iii. Undergraduate Research
b. Innovative Teaching
c. Student Engagement
3. Day-to-day and Productivity: Computer services and helpdesk and personal device support, infrastructure, enterprise, wireless
 Address deferred maintenance and assess and prioritize additional campus needs 
 for facilities and infrastructure to continuously improve the living and learning environment.
a. Inspiring sense of place
b. Organizational structure to bring planning to operation
c. Structure for getting, sharing, and using information for innovation
4. Communications Technology: Website and Social Media
 Initiate partnerships with organizations, from local to global, 
 to form mutually beneficial relationships that support academic and enrollment goals 
 and provide increased visibility and outreach as well as additional resources for VWC.
a. Community Connections
b. Partnerships with local institutions’ technologies

Technology components (Definition of Technology)

Machinery and equipment
Computers, servers, and peripherals
A-V and other classroom technology, videoconferencing
Laboratory equipment
Telephone, radio
Infrastructure including Bluetooth and cabled furniture
Mobile Devices and wireless connections
End user and program-specific software (Office, SPSS, Mathematica)
Learning Management Systems
(Bb, Google Classroom, LiveText, Atomic Learning. SmartEval)
Enterprise system – Ellucian Colleague
webadvisor, student records, advancement, inventory, calendar system,
accounting (general ledger, AP, AR, and budgeting)
Cloud resources


  • "The Critical Role of Information and Information Technology in Future Accelerated Radical Innovation." Available to Technology Committee Members at facultystaff/accreditation/technology plan/ or to other VWC faculty, staff and students on Academic Search Complete.
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