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Housing Process

Registration begins on Monday, April 14 and continues through Tuesday, May 6 for the fall 2015 semesterPlease read this in its entirety so that you don’t miss any important deadlines and instructions!

TO DO ANYTHING, you MUST pay your $250 continuing enrollment fee to the Business Office, meet with your advisor, register for 12 credits, and come to Residence Life and get a lottery ticket (even if you want to apply to live off).

If you CURRENTLY live on campus but want to LIVE OFF next year, you MUST apply for a waiver in Residence Life NO LATER THAN APRIL 18. You will be notified if you receive permission or not via email by April 22. (**Students living at home with their parents in the Seven Cities (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News) are automatically granted permission to live off. They just need to NOTIFY Residence Life of their change to commuter status for the fall.)

If you want to live on campus next year:

  1. Fill out your Continuing Enrollment Form (CEF) and pay the $250 deposit in the Business Office.
  2. Meet with your advisor and register for 12 credits. **
    **NOTE FOR STUDENTS WITH A “HOLD”:  You should still see your faculty advisor to plan a fall schedule and be “released.” At the point at which you settle your “hold,” you will be cleared to complete Web registration.
  3. Bring proof of registration (a printed copy of your FA/15 class schedule) to Res Life and get a lottery ticket.
  4. If you are interested in PRIORITY housing, follow these instructions.  Apartments, townhouses and suites are ranked based on the TOTAL number of credits (including anticipated credits for the SP/14 semester) for the ENTIRE group. ALL members of the group must be the same sex, be current VWC students, and have a valid LOTTERY number before turning in the form. PAY ATTENTION TO DUE DATES!
    • Each fraternity and sorority must turn in their V3 GREEK townhouse list by April 22. Students agreeing to these assignments will NOT be permitted to apply for other housing.
    • If you are in HONORS and SCHOLARS (double rooms in East) or PORTFOLIO (double rooms in Johnston), forms MUST be turned in by 3 p.m. on April 24. You will be notified if you received housing in East or Johnston via email by April 25. Priority is given based on class level. You can pull someone in with you, but if the other person is NOT Honors and Scholars (for East) or Portfolio (for Johnson), ALL eligible students must be housed first and you will be given a spot ONLY if there are spaces left.
    • If you want to live in an APARTMENT, create a group of 4. Forms MUST be turned in by 3 p.m. on Wednesday, April 25. You will be notified whether you were assigned an apartment or not via email by April 26.
    • If you weren’t assigned an apartment and want to live in a TOWNHOUSE, create a group of 5 (two must live together in the downstairs “A” room). Forms are available in Res Life on April 25 and must be turned in by 3 p.m. on Friday, April 29. You will be notified whether or not you were assigned a townhouse or not via email by April 30.
    • If you weren’t assigned an apartment or townhouse and want to live in a DOUBLE SUITE in North, South or Teagle, create a group of 8 (4 sets of two people). Forms are available in Res Life on April 26 (and will be available over the weekend on the Res Life door) and must be turned in by 3 p.m. on Monday, May 1. You will be notified whether or not you were assigned a suite or not via email by May
  5. If you do not get Priority Housing and have not previously been granted permission to live off campus via the process outlined above, you MUST participate in the Housing Selection Lottery on Wednesday, May 6, beginning at 6 p.m. in the Convocation Center. 
    • All available singles and doubles are open for selection. Seniors choose first, starting with the lowest lottery number, then juniors, etc. If you choose an open double, you can pull another student in with you. Both you and the other person must be there.
    • The Housing Selection Lottery will continue until all students present have been housed.

Housing Selection FAQs

What if I won’t be there to get my lottery ticket/there for the lottery?

Contact Res Life at or come by and fill out a Proxy form in the Res Life office to allow a friend to pick a room for you or put you on a group application.

Why is there such a short turnaround time to apply for Priority Housing?

In the past, students could only be part of one group, limiting their chances of getting priority housing. This allows students who did not get their first housing choice to form a different group and try again.

What if one of my group members has a hold/hasn’t registered/doesn’t have a lottery ticket yet?

ALL group members MUST have a valid lottery ticket to be part of the group. If a member isn’t registered or hasn’t gotten a lottery ticket, they CANNOT be part of your group.

How are groups chosen?

The total credits (including anticipated spring 2014 credits) for each student on the completed form are added together for a group score. The groups are ordered from highest score to lowest and housing is assigned starting with the highest score until the inventory is depleted. (IE: If there are 20 apartments open, the 20 highest group scores are selected)

What if I am in a group that gets an apartment, but change my mind and want to try for a townhouse?

Once you are assigned to Priority housing, you CANNOT change your mind. Students who pull out of housing groups after they have been assigned will not be able to choose another space until AFTER the housing lottery.

What if a group member drops out after we have been assigned because the housing cost is too high?

All group members should be prepared to take on the financial expense of the housing they choose. Prices are listed and any conversations with family members or others assisting with financial matters should take place before agreeing to be part of a group. If someone drops out due to financial reasons after they have been assigned, the group can replace the person with someone who has an equal or greater credit total (who has NOT already been assigned priority housing)than the person they are replacing. The person who dropped out can choose another space after the housing lottery has been completed. If a suitable replacement cannot be found, the Director of Residence Life can, at her discretion, fill the space with either a current or new student. Members of the group will be notified via email of the new roommate.

What if a member of my group or my roommate withdraws over the summer?

Students whose roommate withdraws over the summer will be contacted via email and given a deadline to pull in another student, so please check your email regularly. If the deadline has passed and you have not responded, the space will be filled by Residence Life with either a returning or new student and you will be notified via email.

What are my chances of getting a single room in the lottery?

Housing selection is based on grade level (senior, junior, sophomore, freshman) and ticket number (lowest to highest). A senior (or junior) with the highest ticket number would still pick before a sophomore with the lowest ticket number. Room availability depends on availability when it’s your turn to choose.

I want to live with my friend. What is the best way to do this?

The person with the better spot in line (higher grade level and/or lower ticket number) should pick the spot and pull the other person in.

What if I have a hold on my account and can’t register and I can’t get a lottery ticket?

Please contact the Business Office directly and ask if they will work with you to lift the hold in order to register. Unfortunately, if you are not registered, you cannot participate in the lottery.

What if I can’t get in to see my advisor so I can’t register?

Plan ahead! Advisors get swamped, so make an appointment as early as possible to get in there. Be persistent and be prepared with a schedule and some alternate classes in case your first choices are filled. Again, non-registered students cannot participate in the lottery.

What if I have missed the lottery for some reason and I’m not housed?

Once the lottery is over, all registered students are assigned to remaining available housing. If on-campus housing is full, students are placed on a waiting list and will be contacted over the summer to inform them of their housing assignments. Any non-registered students who register at a later date will also be housed using this same process. If you do not participate in the lottery, you are NOT guaranteed on-campus housing. You may be assigned to overflow (hotel) housing. Failure to participate DOES NOT mean you will receive permission to live off campus. It DOES mean you will be assigned and billed for overflow housing unless/until on-campus housing opens up.

REMINDER: There is less than a month to go before classes end.

Non-graduating students must be MOVED and CHECKED OUT of their room 24 HOURS AFTER THEIR LAST EXAM or by TUESDAY, MAY 13 at 5 p.m., whichever is EARLIER.This means 24 hours after your last exam, you must be moved out…BUT if your exam falls on Monday or Tuesday, you STILL MUST be out no later than TUESDAY AT 5 p.m

Non-graduating students needing an exception (working graduation, class exam AFTER 5 p.m. on May 13, living on campus for the summer, etc.) MUST COME TO RES LIFE and SIGN A FORM no later than MONDAY, MAY 12 at noon. Failure to sign a form will result in a fine of $75, plus additional charges, and may result in immediate removal from campus.

Students with exception forms and graduates MUST be completely moved out and CHECKED OUT of their spaces NO LATER THAN 5 p.m on Saturday, May 17 (Graduation Day). NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you have signed a contract for SUMMER HOUSING, you can remain on campus. You will be contacted the week after graduation with your assigned housing and must plan to vacate your current housing and move into your current housing within 48 hours of email notification. Cost is $175 per week and does not include meals. Laundry is coin-operated. Students will live in V3 with access to the kitchen suite, so you may cook your own meals. Priority will be given to students taking a VWC class, but that is not a requirement to live on campus for the summer. Students will be given single rooms when possible, based on seniority, but you may get a roommate. Housing forms can be picked up in Res Life at any time. (**Summer students planning to leave campus for an extended time after classes end must contact Res Life before leaving. It is possible you MAY HAVE TO MOVE YOUR BELONGINGS OUT OF YOUR ROOM until you are assigned to your new room.)


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