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Residence Halls

Take full advantage of the Virginia Wesleyan College experience

Virginia Wesleyan’s campus is small by design, creating an intimate learning environment. Inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s concept of the academic village, our campus is comprised of four villages. Two of our four villages have residence halls, classrooms and faculty offices in the same building, fostering the close-knit community that exists at the College.

Have a specific question about our Residence Halls or want more information Contact the Office of Residence Life at 757.455.3295.


All rooms in each village have 2-in-1 units (refrigerator/microwave) or direct access to a full kitchen. You’ll also have convenient access to laundry facilities and vending machines, and there’s ample parking close to each village.

Bray Village (formerly Village I)

Rose, Kellam, Eggleston and Old Halls

If you’re a freshman, there is a very good chance that Bray Village will be your home. After class you will find students gathered in the lounge area talking, eating, laughing and sharing stories. Bray Village is one of the two villages on campus where residence halls, classrooms and faculty offices are located in the same building. Each floor has community showers and bathrooms. Rose Hall houses women only – all other halls are co-ed by floor.

Village II

Smithdeal, Gum, East and Johnston Halls

Set up exactly like Bray Village, Village II offers the opportunity to room with those who have similar interests as you. East and Johnston Halls house many of our Honors and Scholars students; and Smithdeal Hall is the Wellness Hall. If you enjoy socializing, but want a bit more privacy, East and Johnston Halls have two different floor plans: two double rooms connected by a bathroom, or a five-room suite with a kitchen and lounge area.

Brock Village (formerly Village III)

North, South and Teagle Halls, Apartments and Townhouses

Located in a wooded area back from the center of campus, Brock Village is almost exclusively for upperclassmen and returning students. Brock Village offers apartment-style, suite-style, and adjoining room living options. Suites and adjoining rooms offer students a bit more privacy than the traditional residence hall room and provide the opportunity for plenty of socializing, with a shared living space and laundry on each floor. Apartment living provides students with a private bedroom, shared kitchen and living room space, and access to lounges and laundry facilities on each floor. Additionally, the townhouses serve as our designated on campus Greek housing.

Village IV

Broyles, DeFord and Hendrix Halls

Why rent a townhouse when you can live in Virginia Wesleyan’s newest village, Village IV? Comprised of six different buildings, each townhouse offers you the independence of living on your own, without having to pay for gas and drive to campus. Like the apartments and townhouses in Brock Village, you’ll have your own private room, a fully-equipped kitchen and essential furniture. Village IV is exclusively for upperclassman; however, two townhouses are set aside for top freshmen scholarship recipients.

Residential Requirement

  • Please be aware that Virginia Wesleyan College requires all students to live in the on-campus housing facilities.
  • Exceptions are granted to those students who elect to live at home with one or both of their parents, students who are married, or students carrying less than a full course load (less than 12 credit hours).
  • College housing is for single students.
  • Students who have been residents of the Hampton Roads area of Virginia for the year prior to their initial application for admission to the College are considered commuter students and have the option of commuting from their local residence or residing on campus.
  • Students who are 17 years of age or younger or who are 24 years of age or older must request permission to live in the Residence Halls. These requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis through the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Residence Life.
  • Students with medical reasons satisfactory to the College may be granted special permission to live off campus. These cases will also be handled individually and may be contingent on the College's residential space.
  • Pregnant and/or married students may not occupy a room in the College's residential housing facilities.

General Information

Most rooms in Bray Village and Smithdeal and Gum Halls in Village II have the following:

  • Two single beds or lofts with a 39" x 80" twin mattress (extra long twin), two desks with chairs and two wardrobes.
  • One dresser, mirror, towel bar, smoke detector, window blinds, a tile floor, 2-in-1 unit (refrigerator/microwave unit) and a heat and A/C unit.

Each room in Brock Village and East and Johnston Halls in Village II has the following:

  • Two single beds or lofts with a 39" x 80" twin mattress (extra long twin), two desks with chairs, two wardrobes and two dressers.
  • Mirror, towel bar, sink in double rooms, window blinds, a tile floor, 2-in-1 unit (except in the suites with kitchenettes) and a heat and A/C unit.

Each apartment and townhouse has the following:

  • Four private rooms with a single bed or loft with a 39” x 80” twin mattress (extra long twin), one desk with chair, mirror, window blinds, a tile floor, and one dresser.
  • A kitchen, living room space, and two bathrooms.

Every room has its own phone line and is wired for cable TV and internet access.

Also, each floor has one Resident Assistant (RA) to assist the students who live there (except the apartments and townhouses). Additionally, each village has one Village Coordinator and one Village Assistant who are available 24 hours a day.

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