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Intramural Handbooks


  • Lina Green, Director of Batten Student Center
  • Willie Harrell, Assistant Director of Batten Student Center & Director of Fitness and Aquatics
Office Phone Numbers
  • Campus Recreation: 757.455.2124
  • Batten Center HUB: 757.455.3110
  • Aquatics: 757.455.3105
  • Equipment room: 757.455.3532

Campus Recreation Office Hours Are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Located in the Batten Student Center

Purpose of the Handbook

This handbook is designed by the Intramural Program to serve as an informative and procedural reference for persons involved or interested in participating in Intramurals. It is the responsibility of those who participate to be knowledgeable of the information contained in this booklet. The regulations and guidelines contained within this document provide the basis upon which reasonable decisions regarding the conduct of participants can be made.

Intramural Liability Statement

**Warning: Your participation in a recreational activity could result in physical injury.**

Virginia Wesleyan College assumes no responsibility for injuries received during an Intramural program or special event. Students, faculty, and staff are reminded that participation is strictly voluntary and at sole risk of the individual. All participants are strongly encouraged to obtain a physical exam and secure adequate health insurance prior to participation. All injuries incurred while participating in an Intramural program should be reported to the supervisor in charge of the program immediately. A complete report of the injury should be recorded on the proper form and filed with the Director of Intramurals.

Intramural Sports

Intramurals are for everyone. A variety of individual and team sports/activities are planned, ranging from regular league competition to more informal tournaments and one-day events that are intended to peak the varied interests of the VWC community. No activity is too farfetched or outrageous.

How to Sign-Up
  1. Check for intramural entry dates on flyers, the Intramural web-site, the Marlin Chronicle or at the Intramural Office.
  2. Obtain the official entry form in the Intramural Office or at various locations on campus.
  3. Fill out the form completely; include names, phone numbers, signatures, and social security #.
  4. Return registration form by the specified deadline date and time.
  5. Check the Registration form for important information, including dates and times of mandatory captains’ meetings.
Need A Team?

Anybody having trouble finding a team may come by the Intramural Office and sign up as a “free agent”. Teams may add free agents or a new team may form from this list, numbers permitting. We encourage individuals to contact team captains and attend captains’ meetings in order to aid in their placement on a team.


At the conclusion of every Intramural event, T-shirts will be awarded to the champion of each sport classification. An All-Campus Champion will be crowned at the end of the academic year to the men’s and women’s teams who accumulated the most points in the campus sport cup competition. A special T-shirt will be the prize for this honor. In addition, a male and female sportsmanship award will be given to the person who most exemplifies outstanding service and behavior throughout the year.

Campus Sports Cup

Teams will receive sports cup points for participation in intramural leagues and special events. Total points given will vary by sport. At the end of April each spring, points will be tallied and an All-Campus Champion for both men and women will be crowned. Keep your team together for each season and see who is the best at VWC!

Policies and Procedures


Proper attire should be worn for each activity. For your protection, as well as other participants, all jewelry and non-appropriate headwear should be removed before participating in an activity. Persons wearing casts or wrapped/padded appendages will not be allowed to participate. Individuals must obtain prior approval from the Director of Intramurals for the use of orthopedic devices essential to protect an injury. Intramural activities require footwear to be worn , unless otherwise noted. Indoor activities forbid street shoes, turf shoes, black-soled shoes, shoes with waffle bottoms or protrusions coming from the sides, and shoes suspected of marking the floor. Outdoor activities require only rubber-molded cleats or tennis shoes. Absolutely NO metal or screw-in spikes, work boots, and flip-flop style shoes (sandals) are allowed.

Regular Season

Schedules for regular season play will be based on the number of teams entered, the number of fields/courts available, and the times they are available. Schedules will be in round robin format unless otherwise noted.


Teams advancing to playoffs will vary by sport and number of teams participating. The Director of Intramurals makes all decisions about who will advance to the playoffs. In order for teams to be eligible for the playoffs they must maintain at least a B average in the sportsmanship Rating System.


All participation in Intramurals is completely voluntary. Individuals participate at their own risk and assume responsibility for their own health and safety. It is the responsibility of every participant to ascertain whether they have any health conditions that make it inadvisable to participate in that sport.The Intramural Program strongly recommends that each participant have adequate medical insurance before participating. Any person who is injured is required to notify the intramural supervisor for assistance so that appropriate action may be taken.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Individuals and teams who arrive intoxicated, suspected of consumption, or possessing alcohol or other substances will NOT be permitted to play. The game will immediately be forfeited and individuals reported to the Community Arbitration System. Virginia Wesleyan College and the Intramural Program will not tolerate such behavior and will act in a manner that is prudent with the safety of all participants as the top priority.

Blood Policy

Participants will be removed from competition if they are bleeding or are wearing blood saturated clothing. The blood may or may not be their own. The participant is ineligible to re-enter the contest until the saturated clothing has been removed, all bleeding has stopped, and any open wound has been covered. It is the suggestion of the Intramural Program that each individual bring an extra pair of shorts and T-shirt. If clothing saturated with blood cannot be replaced, that individual will not be allowed to participate.


Registration can be completed in the Intramural Office, located in the Batten Student Center, during the designated registration period for each sport. The registration form must be filled out completely with the names, phone numbers, signature, and social security # included. Rosters must be turned in on or before the deadline given on the registration form. Additions or changes to rosters will be accepted through the Friday of the first week of competition (by 4:30pm). Roster additions on the day of your game must be made before 1pm for that person to be eligible that day. Once a player participates for one team, he/she must remain with that team unless permission is granted by the Director of Intramurals. When co-rec leagues are offered for a particular sport, a person may play for both the co-rec league and another league.

Captain Meetings

Captain’s meetings are mandatory! A representative from each team must attend the captains meeting. Failure to attend will result in loss of registration in the league. To re-register you must submit a $5 late fee. In the event we have a waiting list of teams for sign-up, your team will lose it’s spot in the league.


Team captains are responsible for obtaining schedules and all information concerning the league. Intramural staff members are instructed not to supply information regarding intramural scheduling over the phone. In the event participants receive information over the phone, the Intramural program assumes no responsibility for incorrect information. Schedules for the regular season and playoffs will be available for pickup and will be posted in the Intramural Office.

Inclement Weather

Decisions regarding cancellation of games will not be made until after 4pm on game day or will be made on site by the intramural supervisor. Team captains should contact the Intramural Office at 4pm to ascertain field conditions and whether play will occur. Cancellations due to inclement weather will be re-scheduled only if time permits. Weather updates will also be posted on the Intramural Web-Site.

Rescheduled Contents

The Intramural Program cannot accept individual requests from teams or individuals to reschedule contests. If you cannot make a game time please contact the Intramural Office no later than 24 hours prior to your game to avoid a forfeit. Teams may communicate with each other to switch game times, however notification must be provided to the Intramural Office at least 24 hours before the scheduled contest.


No registration fees are required for participation in the Virginia Wesleyan College Intramural program. However, late fees and forfeits may apply if your captain misses the captain’s meetings or if your team forfeits more than one contest during the regular season. Upon a team’s second forfeit a $10 forfeit must be paid to remain in the league. If the forfeit is not paid, the team will be dropped from the league. A $5 late fee will be charged to a team for failure to attend the mandatory captains’ meetings for each sport or special event.

Forfeits Game time is forfeit time. If any team is not present with the minimum number of participants and checked in with valid ID’s at the scheduled location and time, they shall automatically forfeit the contest. Forfeit losses may be assessed for the use of an ineligible player, non appearance or late appearance at an event, use of metal spikes/cleats, unsportsmanlike behavior, and any use of alcohol/drugs.


Protests are restricted to matters of rule interpretation and player eligibility. Matters involving an official’s judgment are not a basis for a protest and will not be reviewed. The captain of the protesting team is required to notify officials and the supervisor of the protest at the time of question. Once play has resumed, a protest will not be valid. The officials must hear the words, “I want to protest this contest” in a nonthreatening manner from the team captain. At this point the game will be stopped and a protest will be reviewed the next business day. For games in which a “rule” protest is upheld, the game will be replayed from the point of the rule infraction. Eligibility protests can be made at any time. Note: All rule interpretations during playoffs or in tournament play must be resolved on the field/court by the intramural supervisor. All decisions are final!

Captains’ Responsibilities

The success of the Intramural Program is dependent upon the representative who serves as captain for each participating team. These people have the important function of serving as a direct line of communication between their team and the Intramural Program. Each team is encouraged to select the best possible person for this position.

Duties of the captain include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Ensuring that all entries are submitted to the Intramural Office prior to the entry closing date for each sport and attending the captains meeting.
  • Providing information to each teammate regarding playing dates, location, times, rule interpretations, and playoff information.
  • Being thoroughly familiar with the eligibility rules as contained in the handbook and ensuring that the team abides by them.
  • Making every effort to have team members play according to the rules of the game.
  • Checking posted results after each contest to make sure they are recorded properly.
  • Submitting a protest if necessary.
  • Promoting and developing good sportsmanship to teammates and fans before, during, and after all contests.
  • Communicating to the Intramural Office any questions, problems, or ideas.

Every participant must present a valid Virginia Wesleyan ID card at all events in order to participate. The Intramural Director reserves the right to check eligibility when deemed appropriate. Teams may request to have eligibility checked; however, the request must apply to specific individuals. Only individuals whose name appears on the roster will be allowed to participate. A student may represent only one team in a given sport. After entering one game with a team, a player may not transfer to another team in that sport. Exception: An individual may participate in the Co-Rec. division in addition to one of the other sports classifications during a sport season. Note that the Co-Rec. classification is not offered in all sports.

Intercollegiate Varsity Athletes/Professional Athletes

Varsity athletes are not eligible to compete in the sport in which they hold varsity status or any counterpart of that sport unless authorized by the Director of Campus Recreation.  A person is considered to be a member of the varsity team if they are on the roster and receive any aid in the form of scholarships, work, study, etc. from the Athletic Department. Walk-ons and Red Shirts who workout with the team are also considered varsity athletes. Any person who is dismissed or voluntarily quits a varsity team will not be eligible to compete in that intramural sport until a full academic year has passed. Professional athletes (past or present) shall not be eligible for the activity of their specialty at any time during their stay at Virginia Wesleyan. Exceptions may be granted in for various special events throughout the year. Check the specific registration sheet for each event for exceptions.

Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board will be made up of 5 students from Virginia Wesleyan College. Appointments to the Board will be made by the Director of Intramurals. It’s purpose is to assist in establishing and/or revising policies, development of the Intramural schedule, selection of award recipients, and other functions as they pertain to the Intramural Program. The Board will meet every other Friday at 1pm to discuss any relevant issues and make recommendations to the Dean of Students.

Sanctioning of Teams and Organizations

The Director of Intramurals, based upon the actions of an individual team member, can sanction teams and organizations. Any team that is suspended or placed on probation results in each team member being suspended or placed on probation. Also, repeated violations by an organization may lead to organizational sanctions. Violations older than 2 years from the date of the most recent incident will not be used as part of the historical record in determining organizational sanctions.

Sanction Guidelines

The following guidelines are to be used only when an individual or team is found to be guilty of one or more of the infractions listed in the definitions section of this document. The sanctions levied by the Director of Intramurals are to be based on the severity of the act that the individual or team was found guilty of committing.


Minimum Sanctions

Maximum Sanctions

Abusive language

1 game suspension/probation TBD

league suspension/semester probation

Incite fight/conflict

1 game suspension/probation TBD

league suspension/semester probation

Physical Abuse

league suspension

year suspension & judicial charges

Spirit of the rules

1 game suspension/probation TBD

league suspension/semester probation

Unnecessary Roughness

1 game suspension/probation TBD

league suspension/semester probation

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

1 game suspension/probation TBD

league suspension/semester probation

False ID

league suspension

semester suspension & judicial charges

Illegal player

league suspension (team)

semester suspension (team)

Violate probation

semester suspension

year suspension

TBD = to be determined based on severity of behavior
1 Game suspension = removed from current game + 1 game suspension

The Intramural Director reserves the right to levy sanctions for actions not specifically covered in the document. In severe cases, a team captain may receive sanctions for team violations. Also, individual actions may affect the status of the team or organization.


Abusive language - any language from a participant or spectator deemed offensive or derogatory by an official, or supervisor, not necessarily “swear words.”

Attempting to incite a fight/conflict - baiting, teasing, threatening, or intentionally provoking the anger of an opponent, spectator, official, score keeper, or supervisor. These actions may or may not instigate a fight/conflict.

Physical abuse - any physical contact by a participant or spectator towards another participant, spectator, official, score keeper, or supervisor that is deemed inappropriate. This can range from a “ bump” to an actual “punch”. Any thrown object constitutes physical abuse. (Note all thrown punches and objects are assumed to have intent to injure.)

Not playing within the spirit of the rules - any behavior deemed inappropriate for the sport that is being played. These actions may or may not be Unsportsmanlike (making a travesty of the game)

Unnecessary roughness - actions that are considered threatening to the safety to the participants. These actions are not accepted as part of the “normal" activity of the game.

Unsportsmanlike conduct - behavior by a participant or spectator deemed inappropriate by an official or supervisor, actions are not always physical and do not necessarily involve abusive language.

Using false identification - participants claiming an identity other than their own. This may include using a false ID, recording a false name on a score sheet, or verbally informing an official/supervisor that they are someone else.

Using illegal players - a team that has a player that is currently suspended from intramural sports, or has a player that has already been established on another roster within the same sport league, a person not listed on the teams current roster, or a player that has no affiliation with the university.

Violation of probation - any action taken by a person, team, or organization currently on probation that requires the appearance before the Disciplinary Board before their probation has ended.


All decisions made by the Intramural Director may be appealed to the Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Batten Center. Information on appealing a case will be given to the defendant at the time of the initial hearing. Notice of appeal must be submitted within three (3) working days of the initial decision. The appellant must submit a written statement (not to exceed 2 typed pages) of his/her position and the reasons in support of the relief requested. This should be submitted with the appropriate person hearing the appeal.

A notice of appeal must contain the following:
  1. Specific ground for the appeal.
  2. Specific relief requested: reversal of sanction, etc.
  3. Statement of the appellant’s position and reason in support of relief requested.
The appeal should be limited to the following:
  1. Whether the incident constituted a violation of policies or regulations.
  2. Whether the action taken was authorized and/or warranted under the circumstances.
  3. Whether the sanction was fair and appropriate.

Disciplinary rulings may include, but are not limited to, probation, game/league suspension, community/departmental service, and in severe cases a lifetime expulsion and/or referral to the college’s Community Arbitration system.

Sportmanship Rating System

A sportsmanship rating system has been implemented to hold teams and individuals accountable for unacceptable behavior. Teams will be rated according to several categories, including: playing within the spirit of the rules; behavior toward opponents and fans; behavior towards intramural staff; and behavior of a team’s spectators. In order to ensure fair and consistent competition, a team must achieve at least a B average to be eligible for playoffs. The Intramural Staff will be responsible for assigning sportsmanship ratings after every game and will discuss the rating with the captains of each team if asked. A sportsmanship rating average will be calculated at the end of the regular season. The criteria for the various sportsmanship ratings are as follows:

  1. An “A” rating may be given when a team and/or its spectators demonstrate qualities of extremely good Sportsmanship toward both the staff and the other team. This rating will be given when there is an attitude of cooperation and respect throughout the entire game. (3 quality points)
  2. A “B” rating may be given when a team and/or its spectators demonstrate qualities of good sportsmanship and no incidents of poor behavior occur. (2 quality points)
  3. A “C” rating will be given if minor incidents of poor sportsmanship occur. (1 quality point)
  4. A “D” rating will be given under these conditions: When a team displays actions of unnecessary roughness. (no quality points)
    1. Players or spectators clearly related to the team repeatedly make abusive remarks toward any staff member or opponent.
    2. Players other than the captain persist in questioning officials and fail to cooperate.
    3. The team and/or individuals disregard Intramural or Virginia Wesleyan policies.
    4. A team member or spectator clearly related to a team uses profanity and/or discriminatory statements that act to defame another individual.
    5. Use of an ineligible player or use of false identification.

Any team that has a player ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct can receive no higher than a “D” rating. Officials also have the right to forfeit any contest in which a “D” rating is given. Any team receiving an “D” rating during the regular season will be required to meet with the Director of Intramurals in order for the team to remain eligible for the remainder of the season. In addition, all ejected players must meet with the Director of Intramurals before they are permitted to participate in another game. Note: Participation in any further Intramural Events prior to meeting with the Intramural Director will be looked upon as a blatant disregard of Intramural Policies.

Employment Opportunities

The Intramural Program provides opportunities for students to work while enjoying the fun and excitement of athletic events and physical activities. In addition to officiating, there are opportunities for scorekeepers, supervisors, and coordinators. Supervisor and coordinator positions are awarded to individuals who have shown a commitment to Intramural goals and who have exhibited exemplary leadership. To become involved contact the Director of Intramurals.

Sports Officials

An objective of the Intramural program is to acquaint students with the challenge of officiating. Students comprise the officials’ team and are the backbone of the program. Anyone who enjoys sports and is willing to work hard and train seriously is invited to become a Virginia Wesleyan official. We expect our officials to promote an environment that produces healthy, educational, and sportsmanlike opportunities for the college community. All officials are required to participate in seasonal training sessions that acquaint them with rules, policies, conflict management, and communication skills. It is not an easy task, but one that is challenging and rewarding for those who apply themselves.

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