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Meet a Marlin, Tianna

Tempe Martins, Class of 2014

Tianna Garland, Class of 2016

Maury High School, Norfolk, Virginia
Major: Business

Why did you choose Virginia Wesleyan?
I chose Virginia Wesleyan because of the amount of opportunities the school gives you. Because of its small size, you receive personal attention from teachers and tutors and you can easily become involved in sports, Greek life, Wesleyan Activities Council (WAC), Rec X, and volunteering. Being at a small school allows me to make connections with professors, staff, and students that I may not have been able to at a larger college. I love how personal the school is and how I am never left to fend for myself.

What campus activities are you involved in?
I volunteered this year at VWC’s annual on-campus Winter Homeless Shelter. That was a great experience and I'm currently working towards becoming a shelter manager for next year. I am also planning to rush for a sorority next year.  

What is your favorite class?
I really enjoyed the course “Politics and Literature” that I took in my first semester. Dr. Westfall is an amazing professor. The course allowed me to become a more open-minded thinker and to better understand different political philosophies. It was a tough course with a heavy workload, but well worth the time and effort.

What advice would you give to students deciding which college to attend?
I would tell them that you can gain the "college experience" at any school, regardless of size. It's all about what you make of it, whether you join clubs, teams, Greek life, or student government. When it comes to choosing the actual school, pick the college that meets your every need. Ask yourself: Will I be able to openly meet with my professors? Are tutors available through the school? What is the average class size? Does the school have my top three majors of interest (in case I change my mind)? Will I have the opportunities I’m looking for here?

I would recommend keeping an open mind and choosing the school you want to go to, not the school your parents, friends, or peers say you should go to. You only get your first year of college once so you want it to be the best, most memorable experience it can be!

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