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Meet a Marlin, Ana

Ana Perez, Class of 2013


Emerson High School, Emerson, NJ
Major: Health and Human Services/Social Work

Why did you choose Virginia Wesleyan?

I am originally from New Jersey where attending a large university is the common decision most teenagers make after graduating high school. There are plenty of big schools but none as personal as Virginia Wesleyan. I am taken care of here- my class structure, my professors, and the overall VWC experience is aimed to make me succeed as an undergraduate. There are wonderful and admirable programs here as well as magnificent people who care about each other and are always willing to help you out. You don't find that everywhere, but I'm very grateful I have.

What campus activities are you involved in?

  • Honors and Scholars Program
  • PORTfolio Program
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority

What is your favorite class?

I am taking a Health and Human Services course this semester. Professor Dobrin is such an intellectual and he teaches so well. His class is intense but I leave that classroom every session with new knowledge and that is how all classes should be. I love learning and through his lectures, he brings light to important issues of this country.

What advice would you give to a student deciding on which college to attend?

Picking the right school for yourself is difficult, but research is key. You need to evaluate what you feel will ultimately make you succeed. Will it be close attention from your professors and strong relationships with your campus community? What kind of organizations interest you most? Those questions are quite simple but you'd be surprised at how it can narrow down the right educational instituition for you. Realize what is important to you and work from there.

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