Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to ride the MTA?
All that is required is for you to ride the MTA is to be a current Virginia Wesleyan student.  You will be asked to provide your cell phone number (so that your driver can contact you if need be) and have your student ID with you.  Please write legibly and give your driver the correct cell phone number.  Signing up in advance is required.  Students must sign up by Tuesday by NOON to ride the Wednesday runs and Thursday by NOON to ride the Friday and Saturday runs.

Where do I go to catch the MTA?
The MTA will depart from the Jane P. Batten Student Center.  We ask that you meet in the HUB lobby ten minutes prior to departure and your driver will escort you to the MTA van.

How much does the MTA cost?
There is not charge for a Virginia Wesleyan student to ride the MTA.  However, there is a charge to ride the Tide.  One way tickets are $1.50, so make sure you have enough money to ride the Tide.

Where does the MTA go?
The MTA goes to Wal-Mart and Target on Wednesdays and to the Newtown Road Tide terminal on Friday and Saturday.

What is the MTA schedule?
Click on the schedule link on the MTA's main site to view the schedule.  A schedule is also posted at the Batten Center Hub.

Where do I sign up?
Sign up at the Hub!

Does the MTA accept walk-ups?
Passengers must sign up prior to riding the MTA and walk-ups will only be allowed if there is still space available at the time of departure.

Will the MTA pick me up at a location if I did not ride there in the MTA?
The MTA drivers are instructed only to pick up individuals that were dropped off by the MTA.

What if the MTA is late picking me up?
You should get your drivers cell phone number when you ride the MTA.  Should the MTA be late picking you up call your driver first.  If you do not hear from your driver, call the Hub at 455-3110 and if you do not get any response call campus security at 455-3289.

Why won't the MTA pick me up if they did not drop me off?
The MTA can only accommodate 9 passengers at a time.  The first responsibility of the MTA drivers is to pick up those students that the MTA dropped off.  On another note, we can not take the chance of picking up those who have not signed up for obvious safety concerns.

How many people can ride in the MTA at one time?
The college's insurance will only cover a total of 9 passengers at one time.  This is why we suggest that you sign up as early as possible.

What if I am late for the MTA?
The MTA will leave PROMPTLY at the schedule times.   Individuals who are not at the HUB for the specified departure time may miss the scheduled MTA run and those who are late at the Newtown Road Tide station will have find their own transportation back to campus.

Will the MTA change its destinations?
The MTA will continue to make essential runs to Wal-Mart and Target.  We will also continue to make runs to the Newtown Road Tide Station on the weekends.

How can I become an MTA driver?
If you are interested in becoming a MTA driver, please contact Brandon Elliott at or 455-3307.

Does the MTA operate during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Winter Session, Spring Break, or summer session?

Who do I contact with problems, comments or suggestions about the MTA?
Should you have any comments or suggestions for the MTA please contact Brandon Elliott at or 455-3307.