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Class 2014

Dr. Malcolm Lively, Chapter Counselor
Caitlin Van Fossen, President 
Catherine Amasia, VPresident
Marsha Montgomery, Historian

Kriss Potter
Allison Reeves
Brianna Bertovich
Cassandra Fontaine
Elizabeth Frink
Emily Schuller
Emily Sheridan
Felecia Adkins
Jennifer Panton
Jessica Colt
Michael Haverly
Morgan Miller
Tracey Wilson
Kyle B. Chowan
Aimee J. Clark
Miranda K. Conaway
Jessica M. Holmes
Allison R. Jaimes

Jordan Dossey
Jordan Mullen
Joseph Zirpolo
Kacie Figg
Kaitlin Harris
Kelsey Curtis
Kelsey Kidd
Kristen Hampton
Lauren Robins
Lewis Myers
Melissa Snyder
Robyn Backer
Sabrina Beach
Catherine N. Amasia
Catherine H. Saurino
Jenny M. Wilkins
Susan M. Knowlton
Kristen M. Lepore
Jamie M. Mann

Katie Brooks
Christopher Coles
Cassie Conley
Catrina Froehler
Natalie Garber
Jessica Gartman
Autumn Harrell
Saleen Martin
Emily Miller
Morgan Piero
Kathryn Scruggs
Abigail Sexton
Morgan Trent

When seeking membership as an undergraduate student, a candidate must:

  • have no less than first-term sophomore standing (the equivalent of at least 30 semester hours earned by the end of the term prior to initiation);
  • have at least 12 hours (or the equivalent) of professional education courses programmed, in progress, or completed, except in fifth-year credential programs;
  • and, demonstrate that they have a cumulative GPA ranking in the upper quintile of the institution, school, or college, or have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for all coursework completed.

Candidates are selected for membership based on scholarship and demonstration of the qualities espoused by Kappa Delta Pi as determined by the Officers and Counselors of the Alpha Gamma Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, who may consult with education and/or other faculty of Virginia Wesleyan College.



Disclaimer: The opinions and comments expressed via this electronic forum do not necessarily reflect the views of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education.