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Hear From Students Who Have Gone Abroad

Czech Republic

"There is no excuse for anyone not to take a semester abroad. It will change your life."Pete Howell, Czech Republic


"Talk about a life-changing experience! Study Abroad opened my eyes and my mind towards the world and gave me an opportunity to learn about life in the international realm. Stopping by the OIP is an easy first step in becoming a more well-rounded individual."David Hummel, England

"It's a world of adventure." Troy Valos, England

"I had a wonderful time...Exploring both U.S. and U.K democracies with students from all over the U.K. was a very enlightening experience."Shelby Dorsey, England

"Through my study abroad experience, I saw places I only dreamed about visiting." Joy McBride, England

"...a wonderful experience, especially for a History major. No matter what your age is, opportunity knocks...take advantage and GO!"Robert Hitchings, England



Amber Ramsey, France

"From my experience in France I have discovered that you can never really get the full flavor of the French culture, there is always more to taste and discover. If you feel like you truly understand one region there are always numerous more to discover. Each region in France is so diverse that sometimes it seems that you are stepping into a whole different culture. In short I would say my favorite impressions of French culture are the cafes lining the streets, street performers filling the air with music, French wine and vineyards, stopping at the boulangerie for a morning croissant or an evening baguette, the color and life that fills the streets on market day, walking down streets lined with beautiful baroque facades, brie and chevre with a good glass of red wine, tiny perched villages squatting on hilltops, women dressed flawlessly for a simple stroll or a trip to the *supermarche*, staring up at the works of world famous artists painted on the walls of enormous cathedrales, and the beauty that surrounds you that you can never seem to capture in just one glance. To be able to list all the many wonderful experiences I had in France would take a book and so I give you only a glimpse of what stays imprinted in your mind for the rest of your life. —Amber Ramsey, France



Elizabeth Maxwell, Germany

"Go! You will never have more fun in your entire life!" —Kia Washington, Germany

"Studying in Germany has made me a much more mature person. It's amazing to see how one changes when put into a completely new environment. Study abroad for a semester or even a year! You will not regret it!" —Elizabeth Maxwell, Germany



Jessica Moehring, Ghana

"Ghana is a place of friendship and hospitality. You put so much thought into going and trying to touch and change lives there; but when you leave, you learn that your life is the one that is changed forever." —Jessica Moehring, Ghana



"...a life-changing experience!" —Danielle Brodhecker, Greece

"This was the experience of a lifetime. It broadened my horizons and challenged me to find out more about myself than I ever knew there was to know." —Nicole Lindstedt, Greece



Kaitlin Allison, Italy

"I love it here. It is the most beautiful country I have been to. The city is amazing. There are just so many things to see and do that I don't think a semester will be enough. I have met many different people in Rome, that I go to school with and that are native to the area. I have seen so much of Rome and I have my classes at different sites around Rome. We had class at the Coloseum, the Roman Forum, The Pantheon, Palantine Hill, Campodolglio, and other really cool sites. So, I'm learning and being a tourist at the same time. I have travelled to Milan, Naples, and Florence so far on weekend trips. I will be going on Spring Break this weekend and doing a lot for 10 days. First is London, then Glasgow and Inverness, then Barcelona, Paris, and finally Marseille." —Kaitlin Allison, Italy



Darren Velasco, Mexico

"Studying abroad in Mexico was the best decision I made throughout college. My only regret is that I didn't do it early and a whole year. I lived in Puebla, with a caring host family that accepted as part of the family. Living with the host family and other students (Mexican students) I was able to improve my Spanish faster than I could have imagined. I attended Madero a small Methodist school just like VWC. There I made friends from all over Mexico and I can not wait to go back. Studying abroad has affected in such a positive way and I would recommend studying abroad for everyone. Studying abroad is great way to open your eyes to a whole another world." —Darren Velasco, Mexico



Ashley Ladyman, Spain

"This past summer, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to and attend school in Spain. I chose a small city called Salamanca. It was absolutely incredible and quite possibly the best decision I have ever made. I was able to completely immerse myself in the Spanish language and culture. Also, I had the privilege of attending one of the oldest universities in Europe, La Universidad de Salamanca. The country itself was absolutely gorgeous, and I was fortunate enough to travel all across it. I visited eight different cities while in Spain, and each was more beautiful than the one before. I saw sights that took my breath away, sights that you can't see here in the United States. I loved every second that I spent abroad and I cannot wait to do it all again." —Ashley Ladyman, Spain

"It's an experience that you will never forget. You will return with so much more life in you—so much more love for life." —Casey Errington, Spain


Stephanie Kimec, Spain

"I had an absolutely amazing time studying abroad in Sevilla Spain. I traveled every weekend for two months and then spent the last month enjoying Sevilla. I was able to travel to Italy, Protugal and Morocco, and all over Spain. The experience was unforgettable. I met so many amazing people from all of the world. Living with a host family was the best way to improve my Spanish. I was placed with a wonderful host mom who took care of me as if I were her own daughter and made me talk Spanish to her all the time. The only problem is now I want to travel all the time! I can't wait to go back to Europe. Everyone who has the opportunity should study abroad, its the most amazing few months of your life!" —Stephanie Kimec, Spain




Kori Robins, Taiwan

"My experience was something completely opposite and therapeutic to look back and reflect...Everything in Taiwan was so simple. The monks told us that structure makes everything simple, and it does." —Kori Robins, Taiwan

Learn more about the Humanistic Buddhist Monastic Life Program (HBMLP), a unique summer study abroad opportunity in Taiwan that offers 3 credits!


"Several times throughout the month-long journey in Vietnam, I had to remind myself that the people on the streets were not in costume and the farmers in the fields were not pretending to work....but I could not have thought up such a country with such sadness, beauty and promise." —Lan Tran, Vietnam


Sarah Tytler, Vietnam

"We saw so many things. We went on five-kilometer treks through the rice paddies to reach a family so that our parent organization, the Office for Genetic Counseling for Disabled Children (OGCDC), could perform assessments on the family's income, citizenship status, and especially the children's health...We went out to the mountains and met a family that lives under a glorified tarp and works for rice – not money – every day. Most families earn less than two dollars a day; some families earn less than one. It's usually extended families that live in the one- to two-room houses, and there's always a sense of love and acceptance...I hope to continue my studies of Vietnamese in the States, but nothing beats total immersion, so I definitely want to go back. I only spent a month in Vietnam, but made enough friends and memories to last forever." —Sarah Tytler, Vietnam

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