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Global Scholars Program

Virginia Wesleyan College is pleased to announce its new Global Scholars Program, which offers support to students for study abroad. The Global Scholars Program is made possible by a gift from an anonymous donor who wishes to expand study abroad by funding a semester of foreign study immersion to students to broaden their intellectual and cultural horizons.  

Program Details

The Global Scholars Program supports study abroad for one semester (fall or spring) at an accredited institution recognized by Virginia Wesleyan College through its affiliated providers and exchanges.  This program is intended for students in their junior year or the first semester of their senior year whose educational experience would be enhanced significantly by a study abroad experience.

Awards generally cover the costs associated with room, board, tuition, and incidentals related to the travel experience.

Award recipients are chosen each semester through a competitive process that includes an application and an interview according to the schedule listed below.

Fall Term February 7th   
Spring Term September 7th   

Program Qualifications

To qualify for the Global Scholars Program, students must be:

  • in good academic standing, with a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • demonstrate financial need, relating specifically to expenses incurred while studying abroad.
  • provide evidence of the benefit of study abroad to their academic plan.
  • demonstrate language proficiency as relevant to the study abroad experience.

In addition, applicants must meet all standards of the Virginia Wesleyan Creed as well as Community Standards Expectations and Responsibilities, outlined in the Virginia Wesleyan Student Handbook.


Awardees are expected to complete the following prior to their semester abroad:

  1. Consult with their academic advisors to select a study abroad institution that meets all Virginia Wesleyan academic requirements and enhances the student’s academic, professional, and personal goals.
  2. Submit a study abroad application. This application is available on the Office of International and Intercultural Programs (OIP) website.
  3. Work with their academic advisors to design a course of study that fulfills Virginia Wesleyan’s academic requirements and advances the student’s educational program.
    • Special consideration should be given to how the study abroad curriculum will fulfill all requirements of VWC’s 4x4 curriculum.
    • Awardees are required to obtain approval for their course of study from their academic advisors and the OIP Director prior to departure.
    • Once a course of study is approved, students are responsible for submitting all relevant paperwork to Virginia Wesleyan’s Registrar prior to departure.
  4. Have their language proficiency evaluated, as relevant to the student’s academic program.
  5. Work with the OIP Director to arrange all logistics in preparation to study abroad, including the following:
    • Attend a study abroad information session
    • Meet with the OIP Director after attending a study abroad information session
    • Complete a program provider application
    • Complete an accommodations form
    • Attend a pre-departure orientation
    • Please note that the OIP can advise on travel and visas, but it is not a travel or Visa agent.

Awardees are expected to complete the following during their semester abroad:

  1. Maintain high academic standing while studying abroad. Please note: Virginia Wesleyan does not award credit for grades that are marked below a “C”.
  2. Maintain a journal of activities to be used to file a brief written report at the conclusion of their experience.
  3. Ensure that either the study abroad provider or the study abroad academic institution sends an official transcript detailing the student’s academic record during their study abroad experience to Virginia Wesleyan College’s OIP Director.

Awardees are expected to complete the following after their semester abroad:

  1. Attend a follow-up session at the OIP.
  2. Provide photographs of their experience to OIP.
  3. Submit a written report that evaluates the learning experience to the OIP Director. This report is then submitted to the student’s academic advisor(s) and the Global Scholars Program Committee.
  4. Work with their academic advisor(s) to prepare a formal public presentation.
  5. Present at various Virginia Wesleyan forums, including the annual study abroad fair and International Education Week.
  6. Show evidence of continuing enrollment at Virginia Wesleyan College after their study abroad semester.  
  7. Language majors are required to have their language proficiency evaluated post study abroad.


  1. To apply, students must submit the following:
  2. A Global Scholars Application, which is available on Virginia Wesleyan's OIP website.
  3. Official transcripts from all institutions of higher learning that the student has attended.
  4. Two letters of recommendation (one of which must be from a full-time VWC faculty member).
  5. Evidence of no outstanding balances at VWC.
  6. Proof they have a valid passport or have applied for a passport.
  7. Students are invited to submit additional materials in support of their application.

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