International Student Services


International Student Services (ISS) exists to assist International Students in their adjustment to life on campus as well as their pursuit of academic success in the U.S. There are many enriching ways for international students to become involved on and off campus. Some of the OIP sponsored programs include the following: Global Perspective Series, International Friendship Program, Student to Student Forums, and excursions tailored for international students. The Immigration Designated School Official (DSO) is available to give sound advice in the area of immigration law as it pertains to higher education (including on/off campus employment opportunities), and assist those who are thinking of traveling outside of the U.S. ISS can provide students with general counsel when culture shock sets in, help students learn more about American culture, inform students about their rights and responsibilities while studying in the U.S., and assist students in times of miscommunication with VWC faculty/staff members. ISS holds an international student orientation every fall for incoming international students and a shorter orientation in the spring.

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