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Past Graduates

Here is a small sample of some of the achievements that our graduates have garnered and the careers that they have gone onto:

Rebecca Driscoll ('11)
  • Admitted to the MLS program at UNC Greensboro
John Maravich ('11)
  • Admitted to M.S. Environmental Science Program, Duke University
Koren Robins ('09)
  • Admitted to Divinity Program, Duke University
Kimberly Stinedurf ('07)
  • Admitted to Ph.D.program, U.S. History, University of Delaware
William Baynard ('06)
  • Admitted to Master's Program in International Commerce and Policy at George Mason University
Robert Thompson ('06)
  • Admitted to Ph.D. program, American Military History, University of Southern Mississippi
Jessica Watson (ASP '06)
  • Admitted to Master's Program in History at the University of London
Chris Carter ('04)
  • Admitted to Master's Program in History at Old Dominion University

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