How to establish an endowed scholarship 

Why donors create scholarships

Alumni, friends, parents, companies and foundations establish named endowed scholarships for many reasons—to honor loved ones, recognize what the College has meant to them, "give back" to the community, show appreciation to favorite professors or support programs of special interest.

Naming your scholarship

Scholarships may be named after an individual like the Fred W. Beazley Endowed Scholarship, after a couple like the Charles and Mary McFadden Endowed Scholarship, after a family like the Ferguson-Rollins Endowed Scholarship or a company like the Landmark Communications Endowed Scholarship.

Levels of endowed scholarships

Establishing an endowed scholarship requires a minimum of $50,000. Endowed funds are not disbursed. The College invests the funds and disburses the fund's earnings as scholarship awards to deserving Virginia Wesleyan students.

Scholarship Gift Annual Student Award(s)

Permanency, investment policy and future growth

Endowed scholarships are permanently created and will provide an annual award in perpetuity. The College's policy is to invest endowed funds for growth and income, disbursing 5 percent of the endowed fund's market value each year and re-investing excess earnings to guard against inflation in future years. This ensures that scholarship funds will grow forever.

Endowed scholarships at Virginia Wesleyan

Virginia Wesleyan's scholarship endowment consists of 127 named funds. These endowment gifts help students through merit and need-based scholarships. More than 85 percent of our undergraduate students receive financial aid from endowments, the Annual Fund and other sources.
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Method of payment

There are many ways to establish an endowed scholarship. Some donors choose to give an outright, one-time gift to establish an endowed fund, while others make a multi-year pledge to give specific amounts each year until the desired endowed level is attained and disbursements can be made from the fund.

Meeting your endowed scholarship recipient

Endowed scholarship donors are invited to meet their student recipients at the scholarship dinner held on the Virginia Wesleyan College campus in the fall.

Annual endowment report on your fund

Each November, endowed scholarship donors receive an annual report on the growth of his or her fund.

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