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Campaign Partners

July 1, 2003 - December 31, 2009

Frank H'02* and Jane P. H'06 Batten
John E. Lingo and Family
Macon F. and Joan P. Brock
Frank E. Brown *
Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church
D. Henry H'07 and Eleanor Watts
Roy E. Hendrix
Birdsong Corporation / George Y. and Sue Birdsong
David and Susan Goode
Vincent and Suzanne Mastracco
James* and Susan '72 Torma
O.L. and Carol Everett
Kenneth R. Perry H'02 *
S. Frank Blocker
Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges
Peter D., Jr. * and Phyllis Pruden
Richard D. H'08 and Shirley Roberts
Robert H. and Nancy DeFord
Jacklyn Pearce
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc.
Charles A. and Mary P. McFadden
John and Betty Trinder
The Norfolk Foundation
H. S. Abernathy
J. Hiram and Hardenia Zigler
Thomas C. and Betty Broyles
William J. Fanney
The Virginian Pilot / Landmark Communications Foundation
Linford Mason *
William S.'70 and Sally Shelhorse
Donald and Anne Perry
Dale R. Foley
Beazley Foundation
Dorris W. McNeal
William J. Hanna
E. George* and Elizabeth F. '91 Middleton / E.G. Middleton, Inc.
Darrell and Claudine Patton
Robyn M. '88 and Curtis E. Bailey
Private Richmond Foundation
Mary Morton Parsons Foundation
Deborah Butler
Costas and Myrtle Maroulis *
Lemuel and Sandra Lewis
Ronald and Cynthia Kramer
Norfolk Southern Foundation
William and Vivian Thumel
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Jeanne P. Ross
Cox Communications / James M. Cox Foundation
Billy and Fann Greer
Wendell C. and Martha M. Franklin
Samuel G. Jones, Jr. *
Commonwealth of Virginia - Department of Conservation and Recreation
Thomas and Joan Lyons
James W. and Jackie T. Griffiths
Irwin Belk
Virginia Wesleyan Alumni Association
Women of Wesleyan
Richard and Robin Ray / Hoffman Beverage Co. / Atlantic Dominion Distributors
Bank of America
Alison J. and Ella W. Parsons Fund of The Norfolk Foundation
Ralph G.* and Inez Roop
James W. Perkins Memorial Trust
Mark S. and Doris W. Towe
L. Anderson Orr
Robert W., II '90 and Julie B. Collenberg
Gary D. '79 and Deborah L. Bonnewell
Dominion Enterprises
Kresge Foundation
Marshall D. and Rhonda Wingo
Alan B. and Ann Nusbaum
Charles Bain Trust Fund
Stephen and Dawn Mansfield
James and Jane Eilertsen
Andrew Smith / United Methodist Foundation of Western Pennsylvania
Frederick V. and Ann M. Martin
Robert F. H'09 and Sara M. Boyd
Jean* and Frances Jones
Robert C. Nusbaum H'03 and Linda S. Laibstain
Stihl, Inc.
John W. and Linda Vakos
George(Chip) K. III '83 Tsantes
R.D. Lambert & Son, Inc.
Lynwood H. and Virginia D. Good
John A. Hutchison *
Conrad M. and Anne B. Shumadine
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
P. Marshall Fleming
Verizon Communications Foundation
Harvey L. Lindsay
David and Kay Kaufman
David E. and Linda Buckingham
Mary W. Thrasher*
Elaine Cline '78*
Gene H'02 and Angela Loving
V.H. Nusbaum, Jr.
John and Emily Miles
John L. Gibson II
SunTrust Financial Corp.
Burrus, Paul and Turnbull, PLC
David and Gloria Furman
Elizabeth C. Newton *
Tassos J. '79 and Dolores Paphites
Charles and Minette Cooper
Cam L. '72 H'02 and Wanda L. Garner / Garner Family Foundation
Violet Breneiser
C. Edward and Cindy Russell
United Methodist Church General Board of Higher Education and Ministry
William J. Spain III '79
Virginia Natural Gas
The Morgan Foundation
Aramark Management Services
Vubay Foundation
Ken and Theresa Bingman
Kiwanis Club of Norfollk
Jerrold and Laura Miller / Earl Industries Inc.
Quality Suites at Lake Wright
Peter, Jr. and Penny Meredith
Dickinson and Laura Phillips
Jay M. Weinberg
Bruce and Jennifer Vaughan
Robin Davenport '74
Joseph E.* and Edna Cralle Johnston
Spencer Baird '00
Charles '79 and Nancy '79 Moon
William H. '82 and Karla A. Williard
Raymond and Rena* Wrenn
Verna Harrell *
Joshua and Elizabeth Darden
Tyson Food
Martha Jo Wilson
Anne S. Daughtrey
Louis and Prudence Ryan
Justine Nusbaum Foundation
TowneBank Foundation
John O. and Susan Wynne
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
Sarah S. Jett '89
United Jewish Federation of Tidewater
Robert W., Sr. and Pam Collenberg
The Capital Group
Charles M. and Jennifer M. '97 Simpson
Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau - Sports Marketing Grant
Helen G. Gifford Foundation
William, III and Diedre Granger
Resource Bank
Tavia Gordon
First Team Honda
Charles F. Burroughs, Jr.*
Larry R. Hill
Langdon T. Christian IV
Jesse H. '72 and Mary L. Fanshaw
John P. and Joyce G. Clarke
Richard and Lou Ann Hinshaw
Virginia H. Breeden
Helen O. Kellam
Joe '94 and Daina Harris
Harold and Joyce Mauney
Arnold* and Oriana McKinnon
James N. Crumbley
Lewis H. and Gay W. Shulman
Robert '87 and Robin '87 Michie
J. Samuel Glasscock
Texas Instruments
Timothy and Judy O'Rourke
Benjamin J. and Blair Willis
Old Point National Bank
Virginia C. Gray-Backus
John R. and Pollie W. '89 Morison
Deborah Otis
Jack Rabbit Self Storage
Garden Club of Norfolk
Arthur and Annie Sandler
William and Glenda McKinnon
James S. '71 and Lisa G. Avery
Barbara Wool '83
James P. and Ruth C. Gillroy Foundation
Radman Radiological
Michael Brewer and Deborah Paxson '75
Thomas J. O'Connor III
Covington Hendrix & Anderson
Cho Benn Holback and Associates
David and Katharine '02 Best
F. Darryl and Gail Wallace
Linda A. Ferguson, EdD
Norma G. Granger *
Mary Russell Mason
Jack and Pat Sims
Mosby and Sandra Allmond
The Virginia Beach Foundation
David and Peg Lewis
Ruth C. Bray*
Frank and Susan Wagner
June Marie Lam '84
Helen Hoffman
James W. and Virginia Philbrick
Caterpillar Foundation
W. Taylor Franklin
Gary and Jan Miller
John and Pearl Cox
Russell '84 and Margaret Ball
Cary A. and Daphne Sawyer
Chris and Julie Hase
Josephine Adamson-Clarke '98
Nationwide Foundation
Katharine Ward '85
Vincent J. and Betty Thomas
Joyce and Henry Howell
Richard and Carol Linehan
Richard and Clare Davison
Priscilla Trinder
Jason '95 and Christine '97 Williams
William and Lucy Penzold Jefferies
Jean C. Old
Lawrence and Mary Hultgren
Daniel A. Mason '88
John W. and Genia Mullen
Larry W. Ward '79
Phillip and Melissa Perdue
W.C. Carpenter, LLC
Carl and Lynn Clements
P. Ward Robinett,Jr.
Jayne Sullivan
Steven and Mara Fredrickson
Richard and Christie Sykes
Anne B. Nock
Alan and Candie Brown
Melissa Burroughs '86
Timothy '91 and Jennifer Munford
Compo Construction Commpany / George Compo
R. K. Chevrolet and Toyota / Robert S. Kline
Maitri Leela Bavana
Marc and Connie Jacobson
C. Henry Jones
Beckett Charitable Foundation
Rosalie G. Bailey
David M.* and Constance S. Debord
John S. Miller

* Person is deceased.

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