Quantitative Perspectives (Q) (4 sem. hrs.)

Courses bearing the Quantitative Perspectives (Q) designation focus on the analysis of data or models. These courses emphasize critical reflection on the performance, accuracy, applicability, and soundness of conclusions based on data or mathematical models.

All Q courses have a mathematics placement prerequisite. The math placement
codes indicate levels of mathematics preparation for incoming students. A student’s application file, transcripts, and SAT or ACT scores form the basis for placement. The levels are coded by letters: H, A, B, C, D. Students may challenge their placements by contacting the Mathematics Department coordinator.

Students who receive a placement level of D must take Math 005, which does not satisfy the Q requirement. Students who successfully complete 005 are expected to enroll in a course that does satisfy the requirement; Math 104 is
suggested. Students who receive a placement level of C must take Math 104, which does satisfy the Q requirement.

Students who receive a placement level of B, A, or H may enroll in courses that bear their placement level as a minimum prerequisite. For instance, students with A placement may take B placement courses. Placement levels are listed in the prerequisite section for each Q course.  Students who receive a placement level of H should consult with a member of the Mathematics Department regarding upperlevel work.


  • To study varied approaches to quantitative methods and the critical analysis of data and/or mathematical models.
  • To understand the applicability of quantitative reasoning to real world situations by using authentic numerical data whenever possible.
  • To recognize the limits of quantitative methods in particular contexts.
  • To read, construct, interpret, and evaluate tables, graphs, charts, data, and/or
    mathematical models.

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