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Natural Science Laboratory (L) (4 sem. hrs)

Courses bearing the Natural Science Laboratory (L) designation explore the natural world from a scientific perspective by employing empirical methods including rigorous observation, experimentation, data analysis, and interpretation of hypotheses. Students use scientific techniques in the laboratory and/or field to develop an understanding of the scientific method and gain an in-depth understanding of an aspect of the natural world.


  • To develop students' understanding of the natural world through first-hand experience with scientific methodologies.
  • To conduct hands-on scientific research involving the collection, analysis and interpretation of systematic observations and/or data.
  • To demonstrate knowledge of the scientific way of knowing — the use of systematic observation and experimentation to develop theories and test hypotheses.

Transferrable Skill:

Students can understand, evaluate, and produce claims about the natural world generated by use of the scientific method as a means for testing hypotheses.

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