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Teacher Certification Exams

In order to be eligible for student teaching, students must pass the following teacher certification exams:

  • Virginia Communications and Literacy Assessment (VCLA)
  • Reading for Virginia Educators (RVE) where applicable
  • Praxis II (subject area assessment)

Praxis Core requirement

The Praxis Core test is one of the requirements for admission to the Education Department. Once the student passes all sections of the Praxis Core test and meets the other requirements for admission, the student can be admitted to the education program. Use the links below for assistance with study tips and information about test anxiety.

Praxis Core Assistance Options

  • VWC Learning Resource Center~ tutors available for math and reading
  • Practice Tests available on Blackboard — see Stacey Wollerton for the link
  • Books available for checkout in the VWC library

Assessment Contact Information

For more information on VCLA or RVE please visit

To register for the VCLA, visit

To register for RVE (locally), call Prometric Testing Center (757-873-0208), or visit the Praxis website at

To register for Praxis Core (locally), call Prometric Testing Center (757-873-0208).

To register for Praxis II, call Prometric Testing Center (757-873-0208) or visit the Praxis website at

For additional information about Praxis please visit the ETS: Educational Testing website.

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