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Faculty and Staff


Dr. Karen A. Bosch

Karen A. Bosch

Professor of Education

Director of Teacher Education


Dr. Hilve D. Firek

Hilve D. Firek

Batten Associate Professor of Education


Dr. B. Malcolm Lively

B. Malcolm Lively

Associate Professor of Education


Dr. Jayne E. Sullivan

Jayne E. Sullivan

Associate Professor of Education/Special Education


Adjunct Faculty

Miss Morghan E. Bosch

Morghan E. Bosch

Adjunct Faculty, Education


Ms. Sue E. Perry

Sue E. Perry

Adjunct Faculty, Education

Dr. Patricia J. Terry

Patricia J. Terry

Adjunct Professor, Education

Mr. Edward G. Timlin

Edward G. Timlin

Adjunct Faculty, Education

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. James R. Bergdoll

James R. Bergdoll

Vice President Emeritus

Victor I. Culver Ph.D

Victor I. Culver Ph.D

Professor Emeritus, Education

Dr. Isabelle L. Shannon-Hallam

Isabelle L. Shannon-Hallam

Professor Emeritus, Education


Ms. Debra J. Fitzgerald

Debra J. Fitzgerald

Coordinator of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships in Teacher Education


Mrs. Mary Jo Karlis

Mary Jo Karlis

Administrative Assistant, Education


Mr. Samuel F. Leary

Samuel F. Leary

Field Experience Supervisor

Mrs. Joyce H. McPherson

Joyce H. McPherson

Field Experience Supervisor

Ms. Nancy Winter Traynor

Nancy Winter Traynor

Field Experience Supervisor

Mrs. Brenda A. Wilson

Brenda A. Wilson

Field Experience Supervisor

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