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Course Offerings, Fall 2014

LATN 111, 213, (Upper Level topics also offered on demand)

Learn how Latin can improve your vocabulary, help you get into and succeed in medical school, law school, teaching, or virtually anywhere in the job market, and let you read some pretty amazing literature in the process · Read stories like Caesar’s conquest of Gaul, the legends of king Arthur, or the tale of Cupid and Psyche in the original Latin · Disce Latinam!! (Learn Latin!)


What do myths tell us about history, the human psyche, the way we use language and religion to communicate our most basic human hopes and fears?  What do Luke Skywalker, the Green Lantern, and the Greek hero Perseus have in common?  How did Rick Riordan use Greek myths in Percy Jackson?  Take CLAS 105 and find out!


They invented the alphabet, wrote a few epics, created tragedy and comedy, conquered Persia, birthed the world’s first known true democracy (it failed, but not before it gave rise to modern ideals of freedom of speech and citizenship), built the Parthenon (and gave us the architectural pattern for virtually every public building in the West), and much more. Come invent your own Bronze Age kingdom, tailor a strategy for winning in hoplite warfare, write your own epic:  study Greek History--why we are still reading the books they wrote, running our government and waging our wars according to theories they invented, and asking similar questions about the universe and humankind’s place in it.

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