SGA Story

Molly Fanney Imani West and Karalyn Schimek have been very busy this year, and just about every year of college up to now. They are very involved in the campus community, holding high positions in their sororities multiple on-campus jobs, serving [...]

Blocker Reno

Molly Fanney Virginia Wesleyan’s 45-­year­-old natural sciences building, Blocker Hall, will be receiving some substantial renovations over the summer, with the intent of modernizing and maximizing undergraduate research resources and classroom [...]

Unconventional Leadership

Molly Fanney Everyone remembers leaders such as Gandhi, Pope Francis, and Che Guevara, but I bet most people wouldn’t know that those people fit the description of unconventional. Virginia Wesleyan offered a new course this past spring semester [...]

“A Local’s Guide”

Elizabeth Sims Everywhere you go, you will find places that make you smile and other places that make you wonder how they are even still in business. Being in a college town is no different, with even more hole­in­the­walls and tourist traps [...]

Breaking the Stereotypes

Doug Hardman You have emptied your lockers, you have packed up your room, and you are about to say goodbye to your parents and friends. You find yourself sitting on another campus surrounded by strangers and a sense of unfamiliarity. You are [...]

Fall Preview – I Believe That We Will Win

DJ Woodmore Sweaty palms, the feeling of butterflies in the pit of your stomach, and the roars of the student section can only mean one thing: fall season is here. The 2013 fall season was filled with excitement from start to finish, capped [...]