The great societal debate

SHAY MILLS Opinions Editor Older generations call us the teenybopper age, the generation of individuals who conform, the fad generation. And while this may be true in some senses, overall, we are one of the most unique generations since the [...]

Clothes for water

AUDREY THAMES Staff Writer Virginia Wesleyan College has its very own designer. Meet junior Joshua Beatty, a native of Virginia Beach who has taken his creative eye and applied it for the greater good through a brand known as Good Garments, [...]

Donation funds new arts building on campus

KACI PARKER Community Editor In the months ahead, there will be a new fine arts building striking up conversations across campus. Students, faculty, and staff will appreciate the generous gift of $5 million from the Goode family, which is [...]

Colorado legalizes marijuana, implements tax

Molly Fanney Staff Writer When cannabis, also known as marijuana, pot, or weed, was legalized in the state of Colorado last November, new tax legislation had to be created to regulate the recreational cannabis industry. When the law was finally [...]

New director of student activities

Aoife Branco News Editor After the abrupt departure of Jenn Mitchell from the college, more than 62 faculty, staff and students interviewed the potential candidates for the vacant position of director of student activities, and finally selected [...]

@AdultConfession757 ruffles a few feathers

Aoife Branco News Editor “OMG you are so right. That b**** got no life #forrealdoe,” says one post. “ __ is so attractive. I would wife that boy up,” said another. “__attracts the ugliest girls on campus,” said yet another. [...]