What goes around comes around

ELIZABETH SIMS Social Media Editor I have noticed an issue that has branched out and affected more than just our cozy little Wesleyan family, touching visiting families and potential new students as well. I see it almost every time I go into [...]

Putting the pest to rest

TAYLOR BOYD Staff Writer Spring is here! And with spring come the colorful flowers, the cleansing rain, the fresh green grass and all of the wonderful creatures that emerge from the ground, the skies and wherever else they come from. I, for [...]

The new age of news

VICTORIA LAUGHLIN Staff Writer Internet news media is undeniably growing at a rapid pace. For this reason, I’m not surprised that this year’s “State of the News Media” report, by the Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project, told of [...]

He Said She Said

Is it possible to find your soul-mate in college? HE: Do I want to find my soulmate and get married? Of course I do! Who would not want to get married? Ever since I was a little kid, I have dreamed of meeting that special someone, getting married, [...]
Michael Wilson Headshot_01bw

Munchies for Marlins on the go

MICHAEL WILLSON Staff Writer It is Saturday evening. You are hungry from a long day of shenanigans and you need food. Not just snacks from the vending machine, but real food. You need an actual meal but the dining hall and the Grille are closed. [...]

Paid to play?

CONNOR KING Staff Writer The National Collegiate Athletic Association faces mounting pressure from current and ex-student athletes to provide salaries for collegiate sports players. Ohio State University wrestler Logan Steiber won the 141-pound [...]