New century, new military

JESSICA MACKEY News Editor Everyone remembers the Uncle Sam campaign posters of World War I and II; however, the United States is moving away from ideals such as this in favor of a smaller and more advanced military. Defense Secretary Chuck [...]

Changes to Village II

EMMA SOROHAN Staff Writer Say goodbye to an outdated room with few uses and say hello to a newly modified, multi-purpose configuration. As 2014 commencement ceremonies take place, the college’s Social Science Lab and Women’s Resource Center [...]

Virginity takes on a new meaning

MOLLY FANNEY Staff Writer Four women arrested in the early months of 2014 for participating in anti-military protests in Egypt have come forward saying they were subjected to “virginity tests.” This practice was outlawed two years after [...]

Former Marlin Chronicle editor, ’97, revered after fatal accident

KAITLYN DOZIER Editor in Chief Supermom. Committed. Magnificent as a person, parent and student. With so much admiration, Jennifer Bush Lawson, class of 1997, truly was the epitome of the type of graduate Virginia Wesleyan aspires to develop. [...]

Rex-X experience the unexpected

VICTORIA LAUGHLIN Staff Writer Everywhere around campus are colorful banners and painted window artwork that attempt to gain the attention of the campus community. These efforts are for the Recreation Program at Virginia Wesleyan, known [...]

Go to Batten for the action

DENNAI MOORE Staff Writer They are everywhere, little people running around in the convocation center, the CMAC, and the dance studio. Batten looks like an elementary-school playground during weeknights, and the community wants answers. [...]