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Netflix is the new black

TIM PEPPER Arts & Entertainment Editor Being a college student can be hard, especially when it comes to studying for exams and doing homework and struggling through whatever else these vigilant students must go up against in their stressful [...]

Getting buff in Batten

DJ WOODMORE Staff Writer Virginia Wesleyan’s new intense training class is changing the way students get fit by leaving them crawling on their knees back to their dorms and trying to catch their breath. RecXFit, Virginia Wesleyan’s version [...]

Sickly sweet Valentine’s Day movies

EMILY GIBSON Staff Writer Valentine’s Day movies show that the medium may be falling short at each and every attempt to capitalize on the holiday of love More than the shortest month of the year, February is a sugarcoated, candy flavored construction [...]

Winter Olympics kick off in Sochi

KERRI TAYLOR Sports Editor Amidst the misery of the torrential rain, knee-deep snow, and sub-arctic temperatures we have endured over the last few weeks, a fire of excitement has been ignited to melt away our winter blues. The Winter Olympic [...]

Flappy Frustration

Troy Abut Staff Writer With over 50,000,000 downloads, the popular game known as Flappy Bird has become an instant fad this year. Even though this game was made in May of last year, the game has risen to prominence because of the rage and frustration [...]

Birdsong donation enables turf field

JILL REYNOLDS Sports Editor & KAT PUDUCAY Staff Writer After years of hoping, the athletic program’s dream of a synthetic turf field seems to be coming true at last. Revealed this January, a challenge gift of $1,000,000 has been made [...]