Fighting sodacans

The great soda pop debate

SHAY MILLS Opinions Editor Sure, you can enjoy a nice Coke, if you like drinking syrup and sugar. Coke is the definition of too sweet for anybody’s taste. Oh, and let us not forget the many drug rumors that come behind the ingredients of [...]

‘One sick love story’

LASHAWNDA WHITE Staff Writer The wildly popular coming-of-age novel, The Fault in Our Stars is getting the silver-screen treatment. This best-selling novel by John Green is about cancer stricken teenagers Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters, [...]
W Tennis_02

Tennis teams take the court

KAT PUDUCAY Staff Writer The 2014 tennis season is in full swing. Both the men and women’s teams have been preparing for this spring season. Head Coach Darryl Cummings, born and raised in Virginia Beach, has returned to Virginia Wesleyan after [...]
spoghtlight grayscale

Starving for the spotlight

ROBIN PETERSON Staff Writer As the world continues to be turned upside down by turmoil in multiple countries, everyone in the U.S. is focused on something of the utmost importance: Shia LeBeouf has had an awful 2014. First he is accused of [...]

Students bring awareness to eating disorders

KACI PARKER Community Editor Body drawings, info tables, fun activities, oh my! Feb. 24-28 marks National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Students educated on the importance of eating disorders have decided to help bring awareness to our [...]

Registering guests online

EMMA SOROHAN Staff Writer Beep, beep, beep is the noise some students report hearing when calling the security gate to register guests. Students consistently report waiting in long lines to get on campus because of improperly registered guests. [...]