“Get your mind right”

THOMAS MILLS Photo Editor Defense and leadership contribute to Marlins’ early season success. All season long, the players of the Men’s Basketball team have been saying the same thing to get themselves ready for games. “Get your mind right.” “It’s [...]

“Catching Fire” takes flight

Emily Gibson Staff Writer The phenomenon continues to build strength as the sequel is released and audiences across the world are engulfed and amazed “This is not a fairy tale; it’s a war, and in war, there are tragic losses that must be [...]

Cystic Fibrosis: the fight breathes on

RAYVEN DAVIS Community Editor Morgan Eller has a support system at Virginia Wesleyan like no other, she has opened many of our eyes to the truth and difficulties surrounding Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and now she is breathing with new lungs. [...]
Darrell Wood_01

Wood aspires to help make a difference

KAYLA BROWN Staff Writer Freshman Darrell Wood always knew he wanted to give back to the community. However, he was not quite sure when and where in life he would start his journey. Prior to starting his college [...]

Defeating setbacks, pursuing new goals

Candice Weckman Sports Editor Erica Keil had been away babysitting for the weekend. About 20 minutes after she returned home, her body unexpectedly gave out. First, Keil felt extreme pain in her legs and developed a fever. Then, she had trouble [...]

Panel helps sophomores strive for success

KACI PARKER Community Editor This year, sophomores had the opportunity to attend a panel that provided insights on how declaring a major early in your college career can be beneficial for the years following. Dean Keith Moore organized the [...]