The haunted halls of Wesleyan

Emily Gibson Staff Writer We are a generation raised to be afraid of the dark. From the first time we play “Bloody Mary” to the times we convinced ourselves that the door opened by itself, we are terrified of the things that go bump in the [...]
Thomas Mills

Strategic plan maps out college funding

Jessica Hauser Staff Writer Virginia Wesleyan College’s Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) expects to implement its new strategic plan addressing concerns about the condition of campus facilities in the fall of 2014. Laynee Timlin, [...]
Sophomore Doug Hardman is an avid horror movie collector and viewer, and shows incredible enthusiasm for classic titles such as “Evil Dead” and “The Shining.”

Horror movie classics reborn for new scares

Andrew Mullen Arts & Entertainment Editor There is a commonly held belief that sequels ruin good movies. There have been sequels that have ruined some franchises or have gone completely unknown. The horror genre is no different, what with [...]
Junior Jules Whitehurst scrambles with the football while looking for an open reciever.

Introducing intramurals

PIERRE HUNTER Staff Writer Intramurals are an exciting way to get fit and have some fun on campus. RecX provides students opportunities to become athletically involved without the commitment of joining a team. RecX is providing many opportunities [...]