New tennis coach hopes to make a “raquet”

JEFFREY BAZINET Staff Writer The tennis program has made a major acquisition by hiring Darryl Cummings, the new director of Men’s and Women’s Tennis. Cummings will oversee both teams and take on the role of Assistant Sports Information Director. Cummings [...]
Sophomore Kat Ditta balances the ball while evading a defender from Meredith College.

Seasons falling into place

GABE HIGGINS Staff Writer The regular season for the fall sports teams is coming to a close, and many are preparing to enter post-league play. Many teams had their last regular season competition games this past weekend. Many teams are posting [...]

World Series is in full swing

KENNETH BELGRAVE Staff Writer Major League Baseball’s 2013 World Series will feature the St. Louis Cardinals taking on the Boston Red Sox. The divisional series were decided through several games in which the Cardinals and Red Sox came out [...]

Men will be men

ELIZABETH SIMS Staff Writer Your boyfriend is on there. So is that hook-up from last week, your ex-boyfriend and your crush. But so are your brothers, your dad and your friend who died last year. Nearly every man in your life is on the app Lulu. What [...]
Senior Michelle VanPatten plays Pokémon on her Nintendo DS.

Pokémon is back

GLENN ROSE Staff Writer The entertainment craze Pokémon was first unleashed upon Japan in 1996 and has since taken the world by storm. The series started out as a simple top-down adventure and role playing game, and has evolved to become a [...]

The haunted halls of Wesleyan

Emily Gibson Staff Writer We are a generation raised to be afraid of the dark. From the first time we play “Bloody Mary” to the times we convinced ourselves that the door opened by itself, we are terrified of the things that go bump in the [...]