Criminal activity

JEFFREY BAZINET Staff Writer There was a time when the ESPN show “SportsCenter” featured the best highlights of the day from the world of sports, as a way for fans to keep tabs on all the action they missed throughout the day. Today, on [...]

Potential playing possibilities

BREANNA DUNN Staff Writer Many people know that VWC offers several intramural and club activities, but what do you do when the activity you want to be a part of does not exist? You take the initiative and create it, which is exactly what freshman [...]
Sophomore Kaitlyn Clunan makes a play on the ball after evading a defender from Meredith College during the first game of the season.

Marlins strive for new goals

GABE HIGGINS Staff Writer The men’s soccer team had an astounding year in the 2012 season, but fell just short of a cinderella finish in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) tornament championship game. 109 minutes of the game had [...]
Britani Daily/Marlin Chronicle

What’s your fantasy?

KENNETH BELGRAVE Staff Writer Training camp for NFL teams means the start of the season is just around the corner. For many fans all over the world, this means that the fantasy football craze is also just about to begin. Fantasy football is [...]
Jason Seward speaks during the Title IX presentation in the Batten Convocation Center.

Title IX: Addressing sexual misconduct

JESSICA MACKEY Staff Writer Recent changes to Title IX mean important new information about sexual misconduct for students and faculty alike. It’s not just for sports anymore. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) prohibits [...]

A bellhop, skip and a jump away from campus

JESSICA MACKEY Staff Writer Due to limited housing space, students have had to adjust to living in the Lake Wright hotel off campus. Going to college normally consists of moving into dorm halls, getting acquainted and adjusting to living with [...]