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The sounds of spring: As the new season arrives, fresh music follows suit.

Kadija Corinaldi
Staff Writer

“Drake! I think it’s called ‘Nothing Was the Same,’ ” said sophomore Brandon McLain when asked what upcoming album he was looking forward to the most.
Though Drake seems to be the most popular, there are many other hip hop and rap albums coming out in the next couple of months. J. Cole’s new album Born Sinner was pushed back from its original release date on Jan 28 to a later unknown date. Kanye West’s “Cruel Winter,” which is a follow up to his past album Cruel Summer, is rumored to be released later on this year as well. As for a comeback, Missy Elliot is finishing up her first album in years, wavering between the titles “Block Party” and “Class Dismissed”, with talk of a tour following soon after.
Not really into rap or hip hop? There are also new pop, rock and alternative albums scheduled for a 2013 release. Justin Timberlake is expected to make a comeback with his new album, “The 20/20 Experience”, with the release right around the corner set to be March 19. A “To Be Announced” date has been added to Miley Cyrus’s new, explicit album, which should be released later in 2013. MGMT, a Brooklyn-based retro rock group, will release their new album in June 2013. However, the title of the album has not yet been released.
“I can’t wait for Lights’ new album to drop,” stated sophomore Clarke Brown. The album, an all acoustic version of her earlier release “Siberia”, will be released April 30 this year. The album will be titled “Siberia Acoustic”.
For those who enjoy R&B, there will be some albums making their way into 2013. Beyonce lovers will swoon over her album rumored to be released this year, however, there isn’t a set date or title yet.
“John Legend is supposed to come out with his album soon, right?” asked sophomore Maya Davis. Correct, the singer/ songwriter announced that his album, “Love in the Future”, will be coming out this spring.
Mariah Carey assures her fans that they can expect her newest comeback album to be released by the end of this month. Meanwhile, Maxwell, an R&B/ neo-soul artist, is rumored to be releasing his latest album “Summers” in the near future.
On the other end of the spectrum, the Pop-Punk and new wave scene has had teaser trailers released for Man Overboard’s third album in their series about growing up titled “The Greatest Generation”, set to release on May 14. Man Overboard is planning on releasing their new EP called “Heart Attack” shortly after on May 28.
The indie powerhouse Lydia has recently released their newest work entitled “Devil”, which is free to stream off of Spotify for a short time. I Am Empire is releasing “Anchors” on March 26 as well, so keep an eye and ear out for these big names.
This spring season promises new, fresh music for fans of all kinds, so make sure to keep an open mind and look to listen to new bands while picking up new titles from old favorites.

Artist spotlight: Ashley Hill

Tim Pepper
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Junior Ashley Hill has always loved art. Her parents were always supportive of her creativity and she often remembers her mother having craft projects for her to do on rainy days. As a child she would receive art books from her aunt and uncle every Christmas, each specializing in a different type of art project.
Hill also recalls taking art classes at the Dover Art League, a non-profit organization based in Dover, DE that is dedicated to creating opportunities to grow in artistic ability for artists of all ages and skill sets. Although classes at this institution were expensive, making it so Hill could only take a few of them, they fueled her passion for art. This allowed her to not only create art, but to profit from it.
The number of artistic options provided at Virginia Wesleyan College surprised Hill when she first arrived here. She found that the art professors here are great and that the programs offered here, such as glassblowing, are experiences that she would rarely be able to find at any other school.
“We are actually working with real artists,” said Hill. “I never would have been able to have experiences like glassblowing anywhere else.”
Outside of the academics, Hill is also involved with the Student Government Association (SGA) and The Outlet. As a junior senator in SGA, Hill is working hard to speak up for the student body at VWC. The Outlet is a publication on campus that dedicates itself to recognizing the untapped creative talent stored on campus.
Hill is passionate about the publication and hopes to see more art sent in in the future.
“We really want more people to start submitting their art,” said Hill. “It would really help to recognize the artists we have here on campus.”
Hill’s dream is to use her art and business double major to become a small business owner. She plans to create a shop that allows local artists to promote and sell their art. Hill hopes that by doing this she will be able to help unknown artists to make a name in the art world. Hill believes that more artists should take the art and business route because it allows artists to learn the skills it takes to prosper in the real world as an artist.
“It is a good combination because it uses both sides of your brain,” says Hill. “The business side is important because as an artist you need marketing to get yourself out there and the skills you learn in business will allow you know what to expect when promoting and selling your art and you can do a majority of the business side yourself.”
Hill has recently received a job at Gardens of Virginia Beach retirement facility where she teaches teaching the elderly drawing and art history. She teaches two classes a week, one on the fundamentals of drawing, and the other is a course in which they learn about a new artist every week.
“So far they have learned shading and the color wheel along with depth and three dimensional shapes,” said Hill.
Hill loves quilting and drawing and hopes to help the community when she graduates by joining non-profit organizations that create art around cities.
“Don’t forget to go to the Spring Art Show in the fish bowl right after spring break,” said Hill. “It’s nice when the school recognizes the art students by putting their art up around campus, I think they should do more of that.”
Hill is one of many talented artist on campus, and has high aspirations for her artistic future on campus, and beyond.

‘Apps’ with friends

apps Molly White

Shanisha branch
Staff Writer

Phone applications exploding in popularity on campus.

Have you found yourself using downloaded applications or “apps” more than you actually use your phone for its original purposes? You are not alone.
Phones and the apps available for download have flourished into a plethora of entertainment uses. Apps like Instagram and Ruzzle provide people with hours of seemingly mindless enjoyment. Retailers like Apple’s App Store and the Google Playstore allow for consumers to buy and download apps directly onto their mobile devices, making it easier and more accessible. An app’s main purposes are playing games, appreciating music and connecting to social media.
New technology has brought about tremendous advancements for the 21st century. The introduction of tablets like Apple’s iPad in 2010 and new software programs like Windows 8 in 2012 gave people the tools to utilize apps more freely.
Software businesses are not the only ones making money. Along with an upgrade in gadgets came an elevation in app developments. Over the course of five years, individuals have downloaded more than 25 billion apps. Needless to say, most of us have more than one app on our mobile device, and this includes games.
Ruzzle is a new craze hitting the app store and people are obsessed with it.
“It allows you to play with people all around the world with different language options,” said freshman Lauren Amos. “And it builds your vocabulary.”
This is closely associated with the previous craze Words with Friends, which received much popularity also. However, Ruzzle is different in that one match allows for an allotted time of two minutes, using the same words on the board, players are expected to compete for three matches.
It’s similar to a timed word search, unlike Words with Friends, which is “a digital version of Scrabble,” said Amos.
Other games like Angry Birds and Temple Run are popular; however, people are keener to play games that involve communication with someone else rather than competing against themselves.
Music lovers, they have an app for you, too. Actually, there are several apps that cater to the musical being inside all of us. Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio just to name a few, are available for download. There are also multiple apps that can actually help you play music, such as “GarageBand.”
“Pandora is probably number one [above other music downloads],” said freshman Crystal Lunkin.
“[Pandora] plays a variety of music and I can change the song when I want to,” Amos said.
If you don’t just want to listen to music but also watch videos there is always YouTube. It is common for internet media such as this to be made available for mobile devices, like many other social media sites
“I mostly go on Youtube to watch videos and I’ll watch a web series,” Amos said.
Socially inclined folks might have more than one social media app. These apps have made their mark on today’s mobile scene. Apps for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer various avenues for friends to connect. Instagram is a fairly new app introduced in 2012, yet it has had over 50 million downloads to date.
“Everyone with a smart phone probably has [an account]” said sophomore Cheryl Fields.
It is made strictly for people to upload pictures they take in everyday life.
“The ability to connect with people through pictures,” Fields said is the most attractive reason to use this app.
Then, of course, there is Twitter and Facebook. They are both personal posting sites and permit individuals to express their feelings freely. However, Twitter allows you to unite with people on a broader network by using a trending topic.
“A trending topic is basically the pound sign [or hash tag,]” said Lunkin. “People start the trend and people start to re-tweet which gets it out there faster to people who don’t follow you.”
A trending topic could be about anything from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” to the Superbowl. Facebook’s a little different because you have more extensive profiles, more posting control and no character limitations.
Mobile applications have made a remarkable evolution in this technological age. Regular phone calls and text messages do not suffice anymore. More and more people are downloading apps to communicate with their friends. Mobile marketing gives vendors the ability to globalize their apps simply and prosperously. Mobile apps have made mobile devices and handheld tablets flourish. With an abundance of apps covering several areas of interest, there is a guarantee that if you want it, there’s an app for it.

Game of the year?


Andrew Mullen
Arts & Entertainment Editor

BioShock finally hitting shelves and exciting gamers on March 26.

One of the most anticipated games of the spring season, “BioShock Infinite,” is set to release on March 26, and has the gaming world waiting with bated breath for what is bound to be one of the most well-received titles in history.
However, such high claim does not come easily.
This family of video games started in 1994 with what is now widely regarded to be a cult classic, “System Shock.” This title garnered some critical acclaim at its time, but fell off of the radar as other larger titles were released through the years. In 2007, the game was rebooted in the form of a spiritual successor, “BioShock.” This title took the gaming world by storm. The story line was fresh, new and inviting while simultaneously combining a mysterious and somewhat horrifying environment with critically acclaimed gameplay. The game introduced what are now iconic villains, heroes, images and gameplay elements such as Big Daddys, Little Sisters, Plasmids, the city of Rapture and the simple phrase “would you kindly?”
After receiving unbelievable and widely unexpected fame, the series went dormant for a few years at the rights to the title bounced back and forth between companies and men in suits. Eventually, in 2010, “BioShock 2” was released by 2K Marin and 2k China with help from Arkane Studios. Where the first installment of the series earned top marks and the highest awards, its predecessor only received average scores. Fans seemed to enjoy the gameplay more, but the story less, and wanted something more. “BioShock 2” was received well, but won no awards, especially not in the fashion of its big brother.
For three years, there have been whispers and rumors of what Irrational, the original producers, will do next with the series. Many fans called for a reboot, some cried sequel, while others wanted an entirely new direction and asked for a massively multiplayer online version of the franchise.
Irrational delivered by unveiling “BioShock Infinite,” which is set in the time before the other two games took place. The games are in the same world, but are not related in story.
The art style is relatively the same to the other two games in the series, offering vivid colors and breathtaking environments. This time around, the setting is not the underwater, crumbling metropolis of Rapture, but the sky-high government instated city called Columbia.
Columbia is quite literally sky-high, as it is mainly suspended by giant balloons or lifted by massive blimps. The style and decorum of the city can be described as steampunk, a term that references anything and everything sci-fi and steam powered. Think industrial revolution meets Victorian America, with a science-fiction twist. This allows for a huge array of different types of weapons, gear and what are known as vigors, potion-like drinks that instill the main character with magical abilities to aid in combat and subterfuge.
“Infinite” is shaping up to be focused heavily on the two main characters: the protagonist and player controlled Booker DeWitt and the mysterious Lamb of Columbia, Elizabeth. Booker is an ex-Pinkerton agent sent to retrieve this woman from Columbia who gets mixed up in the city’s civil war and political turmoil, resulting in a feud between warring factions through the city that all seek out Elizabeth for one reason or another. Elizabeth is portrayed, in the few brief trailers released, as being obscenely powerful, very independent and steeped in mystery. The plot seems to be fueled by the interaction between these two, and fanned by the fires of civil war. The action is fast paced and high-octane with many different enemy types, combatable by an even larger array of items, abilities and weapons available to Booker.
“BioShock Infinite” has already been delayed once, but seems to be right back on schedule. This game has been in production for a long time now, and is quickly shaping up to be a heavy hitter in this year’s games roster. There are already fans saying it will reach Game of the Year without even trying. Keep an eye out for the buzz on “Infinite,” because it has massive potential. Pick up a copy, would you kindly?

School house rage

Opinions Editor

This won’t be the last time someone says this but as a person who has been in school for what seems like ages, I have to say it: I hate school. No, I am not saying I hate this institution that is my home; I just hate the idea of school. The assignments seem never to stop and the countless hours in the library that never cease. This is just a common rant on how tired I am of school.
At the beginning of every semester, it seems like each class is going to be slow paced and there isn’t a lot of work to be done. This is a pack of lies. Your professor might go over the syllabus with you once but it is your responsibility to keep on top of your assignments, and there is always a part of the semester where all the assignments seem to be due around the same time.
Most of us are saying, “Where is my break?” Have no fear, spring break is here! Oh but wait, how many of your professors told you to read or do a project or paper over break? A lot of you right? Where is the real break in that? Nowhere, I tell you!
Some of you are wondering “Why do I come to college?” Was it because I want to be successful? Yes, in some cases, you have to better yourself because in certain fields of study and work it is becoming more competitive. Was it because I want to make money? The answer to this question is that you don’t have to be in school to make money. Dr. Stephen Hock once told me that if you want to make money, you can earn by being a plumber or anything.
Look, we might complain about all we have to do each class and how we spend so much time on homework and projects but be thankful. It may be expensive and time consuming but people around the world dream about an opportunity to become better educated, let alone college.
I appreciate all the steps I have taken to get to this point in my education and all the lessons I have learned, however I still don’t like it.
Don’t worry, the semester is coming to a close soon and all you will have to do is enjoy it.

Have a spring break, not a spring fling

Shakira Mills
Staff Writer

Spring break is right around the corner, and I want my classmates to do this vacation right. We’ve all seen the movies, television shows and other media references to crazy spring break trips where everything that can go wrong does. Be it what MTV depicts as a normal, they have crazy college students dancing on bars and wet T-shirt contests, or even an episode of “Gilmore Girls” where students are expected to get drunk and hook up, we see it all around us this time of year. It’s a presumption that our demographic flocks south to Florida and Cancun for the warm weather and tasty drinks.
Whether or not this is reality, when you take a trip anywhere, terrible things can happen. Between finding yourself exposed on the Internet the next morning and getting arrested in a different country, there are many things that can go wrong during spring break. Some are common like social media mistakes, while others are more rare like getting kidnapped in Mexico, but they can and really do happen.
I’m not saying this for entertainment, but more as a warning. The last thing our campus community needs is for one of our students to be passed out on a Florida sidewalk or in jail the day before Easter.
Here are few situations you might find yourself in next week and some helpful advice as what to do when things get crazy.
Firstly, if you will be drinking, when the fun night is over but no one is ready to settle down, remember you are in reality not “The Real World.” There is no need for hooking up with random strangers, group showering or any other kind of regrettable shenanigans.
Secondly, believe it or not, it is said that many spring breakers at one point end up having a heart-to-heart with random people. It’s a cliché to say you’re confessing your pain to a bartender, so maybe don’t join in on that when it’s 4 a.m. and all your friends are passed out somewhere. Keep your drunken pain to yourself. Not only is this embarrassing, but it’s also pointless. At the crack of dawn, the last place you need to be is sharing personal details with someone who does not know and certainly doesn’t respect you.
Thirdly, stay away from large amounts of alcohol. Thanks to the multiple repercussions, heavy drinking shouldn’t be permitted on spring break. Not only is it bad for your body and very caloric, but it causes you to make the dumbest decisions you most likely will ever make. When I asked a friend one day what her biggest spring break regret was, she shocked me with the answer of not knowing the last name of the guy she hooked up with. At first it was funny. But then I started to realize that this is something anyone would regret and it is easy to prevent. Single or taken, be conscious of whose bed you’re in. You don’t want to be so wasted you cheat or make a poor decision. If you can’t state their full name, hometown and campus by the end of the night, get out and run fast! You don’t need to be there.
Lastly, one thing that shouldn’t happen is the disappearance of all that work that has slowly started to accumulate this semester. One of the biggest mistakes students make during college spring break is not finishing the work you probably should have already completed. Yes, spring break is the one vacation where missing a wet T-shirt contest on the beach is particularly brutal and you need to unwind. However, you will eventually be thankful for the time you put in to doing your work and spending at least some of the time catching yourself up.
Moral of the story, don’t get arrested or kidnapped, stay away from people you don’t know, don’t get so drunk that you don’t know where you are or who you’re with, and try your best to be somewhat productive.
Have a wonderful and safe spring break VWC!