Women’s ODAC journey

men v women Richard Cremin

Sexist spectators

Lex Higbee Staff Writer Our school prides itself on its athletic success, but are male athletes the only ones getting the attention? Some of the most successful teams on campus are made up of women, yet they don’t get the same amount of support [...]

On the roll again

Guy Hatch Staff Writer Should Virginia Wesleyan brace itself for an Ice Hockey program debut? Okay, maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, but the new roller hockey club could be the first step in that direction. Formed during the [...]

Marlin artist spotlight

Maria Marinelli Staff Writer Shawn Riley takes his woodturning abilities to amazing heights with each piece. At 52, Shawn Riley neither looks like a “typical” Virginia Wesleyan student, nor the stereotype of an “artist.” An unassuming [...]

Enhancements come to Chrysler

Shanisha Branch Staff Writer The Chrysler Museum is in the process of receiving a face-lift, bolstering exhibits and overall style. Breath-taking glass fixtures, vintage collections of European and American paintings and a classified selection [...]

PlayStation 4 unveiled

Andrew Mullen Arts & Entertainment Editor The PlayStation 4 has finally been unveiled. For what has seemed like millennia, rumors and speculation about this mythical gaming system have been flouncing around the abscesses of the Internet. [...]