Following Up With Ferguson

by Douglas Hardman Many of us were not around in the ’60s, surely. But we have our grandparents who were, or we at least know someone from that generation. Just imagine the horror on their faces when they turn on their TVs or read a newspaper [...]

Double Trouble

by Taylor Boyd There is a strange phenomenon going about campus. Copies of former and current students are coming into our school from the freshman class and from transfers. Is this some sort of sign of the apocalypse? Or maybe some government [...]

A Major Decision

by Michael Willson Choosing your major can make you want to pull the hair out of your head. It will determine what classes you take, who your adviser is, and most importantly, what type of job you have after you graduate. While some [...]

“Get to The Plot” Passing the political fluff

Shay Mills Opinions Editor During my freshman year, my best friend Michele had a boyfriend who always told interesting stories. However, that is not what this is about. One day, as he was telling a dreadful, overly detailed story, my best friend [...]

What’s so cool about it?

by Connor Pederson In the past three weeks of my time using the wonderful tool that is social media, I have witnessed a trend that has been described as pointless, fun, a good cause and stupid. I am talking about the ever-so-popular Ice Bucket [...]

Cutting the cord

Douglas Hardman Opinions Editor Time in college is one of the greatest steps in a person’s life. We are furthering our education and, for the most part, are also learning what it is like to live on our own. Many of us were brought on campus [...]