Bands and big batches of beans, beef

TIM PEPPER Arts & Entertainment Music, chili and crowd surfing. And all for 18 bucks! What better way to spend an overcast Saturday? Richmond’s rock station XL 102 held their annual Chili Cook-Off this weekend at the Richmond International [...]

Chew! Chew!

GLEN ROSE Staff Writer Are your final papers and exams starting to stress out you or your significant other? Well, I have a place for you two to go together. It’s called Press 626. Tucked into downtown Ghent, this restaurant is built into [...]

Superhero movies still soar

TROY AUBUT Staff Writer Nothing beats watching a superhero movie when you can do it with friends, do it for the eye candy, or do it for the story. Some fans and moviegoers may have noticed, though, that it seems as if superhero movies have been [...]

Less money, more music

ANDREW MULLEN Arts & Entertainment Editor Popular music-streaming site Spotify decreases cost of premium account for college students Digital music has become increasingly popular since the mass rotation and sale of devices like the iPod, [...]

Nostalgia and media

LASHAWNDA WHITE Staff Writer Animated memories from the past are being reborn into movies Do you get that feeling of euphoria in the pit of your stomach when you hear that your favorite cartoons and books from your childhood have been modernized [...]

Instant movies

EMILY GIBSON Arts & Entertainment Imagine a movie theater without the itchy seats or screaming children; instead, just you, a couple of friends, some snacks and the comfort of your own living space as you watch a movie on demand from your [...]