Voter Registration

by Kaci Parker As Marlins, we are actively looking for a way to become involved within the community and to prove that we are adults. By registering to vote, students throughout campus may now place their trust in a candidate who shares their [...]

Devin leaves VWC

Kaci Parker Community Editor Students, faculty, and staff were shocked to learn that our familiar Student Activities Coordinator had said farewell to the campus community. Having made the difficult decision to leave Wesleyan, Devin Cowhey has [...]

From plumbing to pass backs

Rayven Davis Community Editor While some of us were sitting at home watching reality television, reading or lying by the beach, junior Danielle Benn was changing lives. Benn finished her school year slightly early to head to Jamaica to rebuild [...]

Model United Nations negotiates with the world

KACI PARKER Community Editor An elite group of students live it up in New York City for five days while tackling issues that countries around the world deal with on a daily basis. This is most notably known as Model United Nations, a [...]

Seniors, don’t forget about the price tag

Kaitlyn Dozier Editor-in-Chief Graduation signifies the culmination of years of hard work and is a time to celebrate. However, the overall costs surrounding this event might surprise graduates who are already overwhelmed with impending student [...]

Clothes for water

AUDREY THAMES Staff Writer Virginia Wesleyan College has its very own designer. Meet junior Joshua Beatty, a native of Virginia Beach who has taken his creative eye and applied it for the greater good through a brand known as Good Garments, [...]