Bands and big batches of beans, beef

TIM PEPPER Arts & Entertainment Music, chili and crowd surfing. And all for 18 bucks! What better way to spend an overcast Saturday? Richmond’s rock station XL 102 held their annual Chili Cook-Off this weekend at the Richmond International [...]

Opening the envelope

Glenn Rose Staff Writer The start of the year means a lot of things, one of which is award shows. Many of them do a good job of reflecting what movies, shows, and songs have been the best throughout the year. Most of the time you only end up [...]

KEVNPHE showcase their talents

KACI PARKER Community Editor KEVNPHE are two young men who came to Wesleyan and have had the opportunity to turn their hobby into something serious. Kevin Bridgeforth and Greg Montgomery met through mutual friends before they attended college. [...]
Richard Cremin/Marlin Chronicle

Twerk Miley, twerk

EMILY GIBSON Staff Writer The media can be seen as a buffet of expectations, stereotypes, morals and hypocrisy where people are allowed to pick and choose which rules apply to each particular situation. Most of the time, the objects of scrutiny [...]

Delta Rae Collaborates With Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac on “If I Loved You”

Premiere Official Video for On Delta Rae recently had the opportunity to collaborate with one of their heroes. They teamed up with Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, their all-time favorite band, who played guitar on the [...]
Dekta Rae_01

‘Hey, hey, hey’ Delta Rae

Morgan Stroyeck Copy Editor Delta Rae “carries the fire” all the way to the NorVa tomorrow night. Take a whole lot of soul, passionate performances, songs that sound like melodic stories, an unceasing amount of energy, add some good old [...]