2009-2010 Nexus Interfaith Diaolgue: Religion and Sex: An Interfaith Exploration of Current Issues in Sexuality and Religion

  • Human sexuality has posed a range of difficult challenges for all religious traditions.  The 2009-2010 Nexus Interfaith Dialogue Series will explore diverse responses to several current challenges facing religious institutions and individuals from a range of faith perspectives.  Panelists from different faiths will be invited to reflect on questions such as the following as they consider these issues:

    • Are there religious doctrines or teachings that speak directly to these matters?  To what extent are these authoritative or binding on individuals?
    • What guidance is available in scripture?  What interpretive issues are involved in the relevant passages?
    • How has your faith’s understanding of human sexuality changed or been reinterpreted over the years?  Have sexuality issues caused division or controversy within your faith community?
    • What is the relationship between religious teaching and social custom on issues of sexuality and gender?
    • How has your personal experience affected your view of your faith’s response to these issues?

    Specific program themes are as follows:

    October 12, 2009: Human Reproduction and Religious Faith
    Panelists: Imam Vernon Fareed (Muslim), Dr. Paul Jersild (Lutheran), Rabbi Michael Panitz (Jewish), Rev. James Parke (Roman Catholic); Paul Rasor (moderator).

    November 16, 2009: Sexual Identity and Religious Faith
    Panelists: Dr. Raji Kaloji (Hindu), Sharon Payne (Episcopalian), Ashley Scruggs (Episcopalian); Paul Rasor (moderator).

    February 1, 2010: Gender Roles in Religion

    March 8, 2010: Sexuality and Spirituality

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