2008-2009 Nexus Interfaith Dialogue: Questioning Faiths: Open Windows and Revolving Doors

Nearly half of all Americans have changed religious affiliation during their lifetimes. What is it about our various faiths that cause some people to leave them and others to join? What elements of our religious traditions make us uncomfortable, even when we stay? In this series of panel discussions, Nexus will invite members of different faiths to reflect on questions such as:

    • What attracts newcomers to my faith?
    • What causes newcomers to struggle or question their decision?
    • What do I most struggle with? Are there skeletons in my own faith closet?
    • Why did I leave one faith tradition and join another?

Each program will explore these questions for a different faith tradition:

October 20, 2008: Hinduism
Panelists: Adarsh Deepak, Kamlesh Kapur, Sally Perry; Paul Rasor (moderator)

November 17, 2008: Buddhism
Panelists: Steven Emmanuel, Hank Howell, Gloria Stevenson-Clark; Paul Rasor (moderator)

December 1, 2008: Non-Believers
Panelists: Jan Floyd, Stu Minnis, Tom Russell; Paul Rasor (moderator)

February 9, 2009: Judaism
Panelists: Bobbie Fisher, Darva Gruber, Kathryn Morton; Paul Rasor (moderator)

March 9, 2009: Christianity
Panelists: Catherine Anninos, Pamela Anne Bro, Betsy Wright Rhodes; Paul Rasor (moderator)

March 30, 2009: Islam
Panelists: Swiyyah Fareed, Ruth McCall-Miller, Jaleel Shakir; Paul Rasor (moderator)

All programs are presented 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. in Boyd Dining Center.

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