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Wesleyan Festival Chorus

Sing with the best!

The Wesleyan Festival Chorus offers singers an opportunity to perform in a large chorus under the direction of our nation's finest choral conductors. Offered as part of the College's summer music conference, participation is open to all and music is provided. Singers are responsible for learning the music in advance of the "polishing" rehearsals with the guest conductors.

To join the chorus for either event, email sbilly@vwc.edu

2015 Wesleyan Worship Choir Conductor

Joseph Martin

Joseph Martin


Festival Worship

Wednesday, July 29, at 7:30pm , with one required rehearsal: Tuesday, July 28, at 7:30pm

Location:  Great Bridge Presbyterian, 333 Cedar Road, Chesapeake VA

Repertoire: TBD

Participation fee:  $10


2015 Wesleyan Festival Chorus Conductor

Mack Wilberg

Mack Wilberg


Conference closing choral concert – ‘Finale’

Saturday, August 1, at 7:30pm, with two required rehearsals: Friday, July 31, at 7:30pm, and Saturday, August 1, at 9:30am

Location:  Christ & St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 560 W. Olney Rd, Norfolk

Repertoire: TBD

Participation fee:  $20


Past Conductors

2014 Guest Conductors

  • Cathy Moklebust, handbell choir
  • Bob Chilcotte

2013 Guest Conductors

  • Mark Hayes
  • Philip Brunelle

2012 Guest Conductors

  • Hilary Apfelstadt
  • Barbara Wesley Baker

2011 Guest Conductors

  • Mack Wilberg
  • John Bell

2010 Guest Conductors

  • David Cherwien
  • Rene Clausen

2009 Guest Conductors

  • Mark Miller
  • Jonathan Willcocks

2008 Guest Conductors

  • Don McCullough
  • Rollo Dilworth

2007 Guest Conductors

  • Craig Jessop
  • John Ferguson

2006 Guest Conductors

  • Albert Travis
  • John Leavitt

2005 Guest Conductors

  • Steve Pilkington
  • Judith Clurman

2004 Guest Conductors

  • Michael Hawn
  • Anton Armstrong

2003 Guest Conductors

  • Barbara Baker
  • Don Neuen

2002 Guest Conductors

  • Hal Hopson
  • Weston Noble

2001 Guest Conductors

  • Mark Hayes
  • Andre Thomas


2000 Guest Conductors

  • John Carter and Mary Kay Beall
  • Constantina Tsolaino

1999 Guest Conductors

  • Simon Carrington
  • Eph Ehly

1998 Guest Conductors

  • Lloyd Pfautsch
  • Timothy Sharp

1997 Guest Conductors

  • Hal Hopson
  • Rodney Eichenberger

1996 Guest Conductor

  • Anton Armstrong

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