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Worship and Arts Conference

You Belong Here!

Steeped in the Wesley tradition of "training minds and warming hearts," Virginia Wesleyan College's non-denominational Sacred Music Summer Conference offers continuing education opportunities for church musicians, worship leaders, music teachers, and all who are interested in the sacred arts. (Academic credit is available)

Conference Date: July 27-August 1, 2015

Available for your enjoyment, for Continuing Education Units (1 ceu per day), or Academic Credit.  Different rates and requirements apply.


Monday, July 27, 2015

3:00-5:00pm – “Directing Church Choirs”

4:00 pm – Dorm residents check-in at campus entrance & receive room keys

5:45pm  - Meet & Greet in Shafer Room (Boyd Dining Center)

6:00pm – Buffet dinner (Shafer Room)

7:30pm – A Service of Christian Prayer using the music of Taizé

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Check-in   8:45-9:15

Morning-SING!  9:15-9:50

Session I: 10am / Session II: 11:15am / Session III: 1:30pm / Session IV: 2:50pm


DeAndre JohnsonDeAndre Johnson (cross-cultural worship & music)

1.       Worship Around God’s Table

2.       Adaptive Songleading 

3.       Planning for Pentecost  

4.       Accompanying Cross-Cultural Worship


Bradley EllingboeBradley Ellingboe (choral technique)

1.       Choral Anthem reading Session

2.       Conducting Gesture as it Shapes Tone

3.       What I Have Learned (Stolen) from the Greats – Shaw, Willcocks, Ericson, etc

4.       In Praise of Tradition (Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater)


Rodney BarbourRodney Barbour  (organ)

1.       “Creating ‘Soundscapes’ at the Organ: Stop Selection”

2.       “Ten Pistons:  Make Ten Generals Work for You”

3.       “Accompanying Congregational Song: Sound Choices for All Kinds”

4.       “Choosing Music for Worship: Repertoire for All Occasions”

7:30pm – Wesleyan Worship Choir rehearsal with Joseph Martin

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Check-in   8:45-9:15

Morning-SING!  9:15-9:50

Session I: 10am / Session II: 11:15am / Session III: 1:30pm / Session IV: 2:50pm


Joseph MartinJoseph Martin (music for choirs of all sizes)






Eileen GuentherEileen Guenther (Clergy/Musician Relationships)

1.       Conflict: Why It Happens & Mutual Confessions

2.       Teams:  Why They Matter & How to Build a Successful One

3.       Servant Leadership

4.       What Clergy Want Musicians to Know / What Musicians Want Clergy to Know


Jeff PhelpsJeff Phelps  (Dalcroze-Eurhythmics)

1-4. Group Eurhythmics





Suzanne Daniel4:00pm BONUS – Suzanne Daniel:   Practical Technology for the Church Musician

7:30pm – Festival Worship: Joseph Martin leads the Wesleyan Worship Choir

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Check-in   8:45-9:15

Morning-SING!  9:15-9:50

Session I: 10am / Session II: 11:15am / Session III: 1:30pm / Session IV: 2:50pm


Leonard SweetFriends of the Groom  (theatre for church)

1.       Beyond Bathrobes I: Theater in Christian Ed

2.       Beyond Bathrobes II:  Theater in Worship

3.       Enacted Word:  Using Theater to Present Scripture

4.       One for the Music, Two for the Show: Children’s Musicals


Leonard SweetLeonard Sweet  (worship & evangelism)

1.       “This is My Story, This is My Song: Learning the Vernacular of the Culture”

2.       “Moving Worship from Workzone to Playground”

3.       “A Charge to Keep I Have:  Keeping the ‘Charge’ of Creativity for a Lifetime of Ministry”

4.       “Illustration vs. Animation: A Case Study in Illustrating Points vs. Animating Stories”


Susan EernisseSusan Eernisse  (children’s music)

1.       Growing in Grace – a children’s music curriculum

2.       Games & Songs for the children’s choir

3.       Sing Together! – reading session

4.       Getting Ready for Fall – musical learning activities


Billye Brown YoumansWilliam Tortolano   (chant)

1.       Gregorian Chant (an easy intro plus how to sing the liturgy)

2.       Sing the Psalms (singing the psalms within the 8 psalm tones)




Billye Brown Youmans4:00pm BONUS –  Billye Brown Youmans:   Choir Tours

7:30p   Hymn Festival

Friday, July 31, 2015

Check-in   8:45-9:15

Morning-SING!  9:15-9:50

Session I: 10am / Session II: 11:15am / Session III: 1:30pm / Session IV: 2:50pm


Mack WilbergMack Wilberg   (conductor for ‘Finale: Sing to the Lord with Cheerful Voice”)

1.       Choral Anthem Reading Session





Robert ShoupRobert Shoup (choral preparation)

2. “Co-Creating or Co-Dependent: Clarifying the Singer-Conductor Roles”

3. “Rehearsal Traps and Treasures: Harness Your Knowledge of Your Singers”

4. “Beyond the Beat Pattern: Conducting (or not) Courage”





Alan ReeseAlan Reese (handbells)

1.       Advanced Handbell Ringing I (Shelly, 4-in-hand & more plus learning how to ring more bells with fewer ringers)

2.       Advanced Ringing II (creative solutions for seemingly impossible passages (weaving, table layout & traveling 4-in-hand)

3.       Reading session I – Music for bells with other instruments

4.       Reading session II – new releases

John DullJohn Dull (Guitar for Worship)

1.       The Guitarist as Worship Leader – lead congregational song effectively

2.       The Guitar in Worship – What’s Possible?

3.       Repertoire for the Worship Guitarist – it’s not just for praise band

4.       Guitar Jam Session  (structured ‘jam’ to play through many selections and styles and their uses in various worship settings and in general worship, prayer services, camp/small group meetings, etc.

7:30pm  Wesleyan Festival Chorus rehearsal with Mack Wilberg

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wesleyan Festival Chorus rehearsal9:30am-12:30p – Wesleyan Festival Chorus rehearsal with Mack Wilberg

7:30pm – “Finale:  Sing to the Lord with Cheerful Voice” – conference closing concert. 

Mack Wilberg conducts the 90-voice Wesleyan Festival Chorus

Christ & St. Luke’s Episcopal
560 W. Olney Rd, Norfolk

Kevin Kwan, organist, joined by members of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.


Full Conference - $315 (opening banquet, classes & materials for your registered sessions.  $75 deposit due with registration)

Half-Day - $50 (includes classes & materials for your registered sessions.  Total fee due with registration)

Youth Rate - $35 (per day for high school/college students accompanying a participating adult)

Campus Housing - $40 per night (Private room; shared bath); $30 per night (shared room; shared bath)

Basic Linen Package - $15 (or provide your own - extra-long twin beds);

Extra-Linens - $20 (pillow & light bedspread)

Off-campus housing is available at various nearby hotels.

On-campus meals

Breakfast (continental) - TBA
Lunch - TBA
Dinner - TBA
(payable by cash or credit card in the cafeteria)

College Credit – 

UNDERGRADUATE credit through VWC.  Contact the VWC Adult Studies Office at 757-455-3214 to register for MUS-310).   A 50% discount rate is available this year for teachers with active licensure in Virginia.

Bus transportation to evening off-campus events:  For the “Finale” rehearsals and concert, van transportation is provided for dorm residents at no charge.

For more information, email or call the CSM at 757.455.3376.

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