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Faculty and Staff


Dr. Soraya M. Bartol

Soraya M. Bartol

Professor of Marine Biology and Director of Undergraduate Research and Supervisor of the Research Vessel


Dr. Deirdre Gonsalves-Jackson

Deirdre Gonsalves-Jackson

Associate Professor of Biology


Dr. Eric E. Johnson

Eric E. Johnson

Assistant Professor of Biology and Greenhouse Supervisor


Dr. Philip Rock

Philip Rock

Batten Professor of Biology


Dr. Maynard H. Schaus

Maynard H. Schaus

Professor of Biology and Chair of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Dr. Victor R. Townsend, Jr.

Victor R. Townsend, Jr.

Professor of Biology


Adjunct Faculty

Mrs. Monica L. Carter

Monica L. Carter

Adjunct Faculty, Biology

Mrs. Rachel A. Jastrebsky

Rachel A. Jastrebsky

Adjunct Faculty, Biology

Emeritus Faculty

Verne M. Keefer Ph.D

Verne M. Keefer

Professor Emeritus, Biology

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